Got a Gaggle of Geese? Take a Gander at these Goose Deterrents.

Got a Gaggle of Geese? Take a Gander at these Goose Deterrents.

Posted on June 17, 2014 by Alex Kecskes in Goose Control

Whether you like them or just tolerate them, geese can become quite a problem. In early spring, the big aggressive birds will intrude into your backyard, eat your nice green lawn, and dump pounds of unwelcome 'fertilizer' everywhere. Geese can also contaminate the water in your pool, spa, pond or water fountain, turning it into a germ-filled mess that you'll need to empty and clean.

The trouble with geese is that they've adapted quite well to urban and suburban habitats. Which is why they're not too shy about sneaking into your backyard to feast on your bluegrass or other edible plants. The other problem with geese is that they live in flocks, so the damage they inflict can be substantial.

The key to effective goose control is to be proactive. And that means implementing professional level goose deterrents before they arrive en masse. Here are two proven effective devices the bird control pros at Bird B Gone recommend:

Get Rid of Geese with this 24/7 Sentry/goose-repellent-products/

Bird B Gone's Scarecrow is a motion-sensor activated sprinkler that detects geese. When geese cross its path, the device blasts them with a harmless but quite annoying spray of water. The Scarecrows hello blast, sudden sprinkler sound, and realistic looking bird-like moving head convince even the most determined geese to avoid your yard. The Scarecrow is easy to set up and connects to your garden hose. Its economical and efficient, delivering as many as 1,000 water blasts on a 9-volt battery and using just 2 to 3 cups of water per blast. Scarecrows guard about 1,200 square feet of yard with a stream that reaches out 35 feet and 45 feet wide. Like a 24/7 sentry, Scarecrows are always on the alert for invading geese. Both the sensitivity and coverage distance are easily adjusted to fit your yards shape and size.

Do Away with Geese with Sounds they Fear

Bird B Gone's Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic broadcasts the sounds of geese being attacked not exactly what you want to hear if you're a goose looking for a place to eat or nest. The threatening bird calls are broadcast for two minutes and repeated every 10 minutes. A built-in speaker covers an entire acre of yard. And since its solar powered, you can place the device wherever geese gather and feed. The device works on cloudy days and battery power kicks in at night. Built tough for outdoor use, the Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic is housed in a weather-resistant, UV-protected case. A handy volume control lets you adjust the output level of the distress calls between 65 to 105 decibels. You can even program the device to automatically shut off at night.

Bird B Gone is the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of goose deterrent products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. The company provides advice, training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures.