Got Pigeons? Here are the Facts

Got Pigeons? Here are the Facts

Posted on September 25, 2019 by Bird B Gone in Bird Control

Pigeons are the number one pest bird in the United States and around the world.  They cause more damage to buildings in cities across the nation than any other bird.  Get the facts on pigeons in the infographic below and make sure that your buildings are safe from pest pigeons and the damage they cause.

Why Pigeon Control?

Feral pigeons found in most cities are descendants of the Rock Doves or Pigeons. They build nests high on cliffs where there are few predators and lots of shelter, very similar to our big city buildings. Pigeons are very comfortable perched high on tall buildings looking down for food or a nice place to build a nest. To encourage them to leave you need to make them uncomfortable, and that is where safe and humane pigeon control products come in.

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Humane & Effective Pigeon Spikes

One of the best products to keep pigeons from landing on buildings are bird spikes. The spiked strips create uneven landing areas. The pigeons will move on looking for a more suitable area to land, roost and nest. The spikes are available in plastic and stainless steel, are easy to install using glue, screws or tie downs. They are manufactured in the USA with UV protected materials, so they will last a long time on your building. Bird B Gone spikes are considered a humane product by such agencies as PETA and the Humane Society.

Bird Netting: A Durable Solution

To exclude pigeons from areas such as under eaves, canopies, overhangs and loading docks; and to keep them out of airplane hangars, big box stores, food-processing plants, warehouses and other large buildings, use bird netting. Bird netting is used to exclude birds from specific areas. Once the bird netting is installed it is virtually invisible and will last for years. Bird B Gone’s black Heavy Duty Bird Netting has a 10-year guarantee, is thoroughly inspected for defect and is easily installed using any of the bird net hardware available from Bird B Gone, Inc.

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