Keep Gulls Off Your Boat With Bird Control Products

Keep Gulls Off Your Boat With Bird Control Products

Posted on July 5, 2016 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Deterrents

If you are in a climate that is moderate year round, there is no “season” for bird control. It is needed all year long, especially when it comes to the pest bird Mr. Seagull. The challenge is keeping the seagulls off the boats including the boat deck, masts, spreaders and canvases. The seagull is not the only culprit; you also need to guard against the cormorants and pigeons that make your vessel their waterfront property. The reason to keep them away is because of the mess they leave behind. If there are no bird control products in place you are at risk of spending a lot of time and money cleaning up after your pesky guests. It is a constant battle between boat owners and pest birds. To win the battle takes a little strategy and a little time, much less time than constantly cleaning up after them.

Safe and humane bird deterrent strategies are needed. One of the easiest methods to incorporate immediately is scare tactics. Scaring the pest birds away is a smart strategy and reputable bird control companies have deterrents that are ideal for seagulls as well as just about any bird classified as a pest bird.

Besides the unsightly mess that droppings create, there is another reason to deter the splatter. The reason is to keep the areas free from disease. Bird droppings that accumulate are notorious for harboring fungus and disease. The high nutrient substance of pest bird feces produces a playground for dangerous organisms. Diseases such as E. coli, cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis are found in the droppings. Meningitis, septicemia and pneumonia can be caused by these diseases. You can become infected by breathing in the spores from the dust created by disturbed bird droppings. Keeping seagulls off boat areas will keep these diseases away from your family and any passengers you may invite on board.

The initial strategy is to begin with the type of bird deterrent that is needed. Keeping seagulls off boat day and night can include solar bird repeller, which would do the trick. The solar bird repeller scares the seagulls and other birds away with the movement of the 5-foot telescoping “arm” that spins continuously. It can be easily mounted on any flat or angled surface. You want to make sure the unit is secured properly. It can be mounted using screws. It can also be mounted using bungee cords and tie downs. The bungee cords are the best way to secure the solar bird repeller to uneven surfaces. It also makes for very easy removal. There is a simple on and off switch on the back of the unit. Prior to the installation, the repeller needs to be charge in full sunlight for a minimum of 8 hours. This also pre-charges the batteries.

It is advised to clean any bird debris that may already be on the boat before you install any type of bird control. It is recommended that you use a commercial grade disinfectant cleaning agent. This type of cleaner reduces the exposure to the airborne diseases mentioned above.

Scaring pest birds away from any area is one of the best tactics out there. There are laws governing the protection of migratory birds. Most boat owners do not want to harm the bird but to humanely keep them off boat areas. Solar bird repellers can easily be used for docks and swim platforms. They work well for A.C. units, roofs and skylights as well. There is a bird control solutions to just about every pest bird problem.