New Sparrow Charmer & Sparrow Sky Trap Combo Delivers One-Two Punch to Sparrow Problem

New Sparrow Charmer & Sparrow Sky Trap Combo Delivers One-Two Punch to Sparrow Problem

Posted on February 26, 2015 by Terri Anne Meyer in Press Releases

Irvine, CA February 27, 2015

Bird B Gone, the leader in bird control products for commercial, industrial and residential applications now offers an effective and humane combo of sparrow control products that deliver a on-two punch to this bird problem. Rarely have two new products been so effectively dovetailed to solve a nagging bird problem.

Sparrow Charmer™ Bird Caller Lures them

This device lures sparrows into a bird trap by broadcasting Bird B Gone’s proprietary sparrow call. Field tested and scientifically proven to attract sparrows, Sparrow Charmer is deal for use in Big Box and retail stores, warehouses, or any large indoor or outdoor space where pest sparrows are present. The device features separate remote control functions up to 150 meters away. A volume control varies the output up to 170 db. The call emitted will attract sparrows as far away as two acres. A built-in speaker with push-button controls makes operation fast and easy. An additional speaker is available to extend the caller’s coverage. The caller plays its luring calls for up to 18 continuous hours. A rechargeable lithium battery provides both convenience and economy. The Sparrow Charmer comes complete with mounting clip, remote control USB cord, USB power adapter and power cord.

Sparrow Sky Trap Humanely Captures Them

Working in tandem with the Sparrow Charmer™, this highly effective sky trap has been specially designed to capture sparrows in high traffic areas. The hanging trap features a proven V-top entry design that allows it to hang from the ceiling or sit on a flat surface. The pop-up feature makes this trap 24” x 12” x18” high. A wider/longer pan (30” x 16”) captures droppings or other debris that may fall from the inside the trap. The trap and slide-out pan (made of heavy 26 gauge sheet metal) can be easily cleaned. It includes perches and water/feed containers inside to calm birds after capture.

Sparrows: a Nagging Nuisance to Property Owners

Prolific throughout the lower 48 states, house sparrows have a 6-inch wingspan and are typically 5-6 inches long. They will often hop on tables, benches and chairs of open-air restaurants to scrounge for leftovers and dropped crumbs. The birds will look for convenient nesting sites and open trash containers. House sparrows are not tidy or clean. Their droppings are both unsightly and unsanitary, carrying such diseases as chlamydiosis, salmonellosis, Newcastle disease, toxoplasmosis and transmissible gastroenteritis. Bird droppings around restaurants can lead to health code violations. Nesting sparrows can also be disturbingly noisy. Most house sparrows strongly prefer to nest in the vents, attic vent louvers, crevices, and under eaves of buildings. Some restaurant owners have tried stuffing their dryer, attic and fan vents with screens, but when these become blocked with leaves and other debris, they can eventually create serious venting problems. Bird B Gone’s Sparrow Charmer & Sparrow Sky Trap Combo effectively and humanely gets rid of the sparrow problem.

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