Sonic Deterrents Get rid of more than just Birds

Sonic Deterrents Get rid of more than just Birds

Posted on April 16, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Sound Bird Deterrents

Pest birds are often a problem in residential areas as well as commercial areas.  But there are also other four-legged unwanted pests such as deer, gophers, chipmunks, skunks, possums, raccoons, squirrels and moles. 

Pest birds will leave behind droppings that are destructive and hazardous.  The other critters are destructive as well.  Squirrels will eat through your garden hoses overnight.  Raccoons will make a mess of your trash bins.  Gardeners need a defense against foraging four legged critters.  Deer, for example, are a huge problem in spring when they come out hungry after winter.  They will look for anything tasty, green and young.  Chipmunks will find your flower bulbs.  Voles and moles will be looking for roots of succulent plants and flower bulbs.

Depending on the type of pest bird, they will go after your young spring garden and seeds in the grass. There are different means to deter them.  You can create barriers, or have visual disturbances that scare them away.

A very successful way to keep them at bay is to implement a sonic animal deterrent.

The Sonic Shield™ Pest Deterrent is a device that will frighten away pest birds as well as the other critters.  It is a very cost effective and portable deterrent that can be effective in many different areas.  It can be placed on small balconies and used in yards, decks, patios and gardens.  It can be used on the side of the building that houses the trash bins.

The sonic deterrent runs on 4 AA batteries.  It features a motion sensor that triggers the sound of a barking dog and flashing LED lights when the bird or critter crosses its path.  There are two modes that the deterrent can operate.  There is day time and night time mode.  The day time mode will deter the birds and critters with the barking dog sound and the flashing LED lights.  The sound and sight disturbance will keep the pests away from the area.  The night time mode uses only the flashing LED light feature.  This is the perfect product to use when dealing with all kinds of different pests.

If the pest bird is your only problem there are two other sonic devices that can be utilized.  The Bird Chase Super Sonic is a choice that will deter pest birds from large open spaces.  The way this device deters the pest birds is by broadcasting recorded predator and distress calls.  The device gives out the sounds every 10 minutes.  The sounds will alert the birds to danger and they will flee right away in fear.  The device is programmable with over 22 different types of birds.  Common pest birds are pigeons, crows, gulls, woodpeckers, starlings, grackles and sparrows.  The device is meant for outdoor use as it is water resistant.  The single device can cover between one to five acres.

The other sonic unit is solar powered.  The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic will be more energy efficient during the daylight hours.

All sonic deterrents are safe and humane for the birds and critters.