Stop Pigeons from Defacing Shopping Centers with Pigeon Spikes

Stop Pigeons from Defacing Shopping Centers with Pigeon Spikes

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Pigeon Spikes

If there is a bird defacing the shopping center and your business, it is most likely the pigeon. Pigeon spikes are needed to stop this pest bird from hanging around on the structures and signs. Pigeon spikes will stop the pigeons from dancing on the roof and damaging rooftop AC units, fans, ducting, solar panels, ventilators, security cameras, rain gutters, and the list goes on.

Pigeons are mostly dependent upon humans to provide them with food and roosting and nesting spots. This is why they gravitate towards buildings where there is a high volume of people. There will always be a great food source when people are around and throwing food down on the ground or in the trash bins. The pigeon is most commonly around cities and parks, bridges, buildings and other structures. They like high places above the ground. All the nooks and crannies in a tall building are like the Ritz Carleton to them.

Without effective pigeon control measures in place the birds will also treat the building like their bathroom. They are worse than a messy self-centered teenager. They will deface the sides of the buildings, the rooftops, any signage, walkways, canopies and awnings. It is not only the image of the business that will be hurt, but the possibility of slip and fall accidents is a huge liability for a business if the pest birds are leaving fresh droppings on the sidewalks and near the entrances to the buildings. Many shopping centers are open air markets, and this poses a more dangerous liability for the management.

Most shopping malls have many eateries, and this is where the birds are likely to gather with great force. Not only is it annoying for the clientele but there are health issues that should be very concerning. Bird feces that are allowed to accumulate can harbor over 60 transmittable diseases to humans, salmonella being one of them.

The birds can be kept at bay and discouraged from the buildings by installing bird spikes. Pigeon spikes function as a bird barrier where the pigeon and other large pest birds try to land. Government agencies and architects recommend the use of pigeon spikes as an effective bird control measure for structures. Pigeon spikes have even been approved as a safe and human Pigeon control product by the US humane Society and PICAS. The pigeon spikes have a blunted end so they will not harm the bird or the person installing the spikes.

Plastic pigeon spikes offer a very economical way to get rid of birds. The spikes come in an array of colors to match the structure they are installed on. Colors include crystal clear, white brick red, gray, brown, tan and black. The spikes are made of a durable U.V. protected polycarbonate plastic. They come in three widths, 3", 5" and 7".

Another version of pigeon spikes is the stainless steel spikes. They, too, come in different widths, 1", 3", 5" and 8". The stainless steel spikes are patented with the bend and crush design that keeps the spikes tightly positioned into the U.V. protected polycarbonate base.

Both types of spikes are easily installed by simply screwing, gluing or tying them down. Pre-drilled holes and a glue trough make for very easy installation.