Types of Garden Bird Repellent Devices

Types of Garden Bird Repellent Devices

Posted on July 11, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Repellents

There can be many different types of pests in the garden. There is white mold and bacterial wilt that can ruin a garden, and there are worms that can get into the tomatoes. Aphids are another common type of pest. The Aphids come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They suck the juices from whatever plant they are on. Small mammals and small and large pest birds also love to destroy gardens. Thankfully, there are different types of bird repellent devices that will get rid of the pest birds and the small mammals that are very cost effective.

Some of the small mammals include the rat, gopher, raccoon, rabbit, skunk and opossum. The garden can be ruined in no time at all by the rabbit or even a tree squirrel. They are even known to destroy potted plants on a balcony or patio area. They will go for any plants that flower or produce fruit and vegetation.

There is one bird repellent device that will get rid of birds and also the small mammals that are trying to ruin the plants. The bird repellent device uses both sound and visual disturbances to scare away birds and the other pests as well. The two methods working in conjunction is a great repellent. This bird repellent device has a motion sensor that triggers a flashing LED light as well as the sound of a dog barking. There are day and night settings, so that during the dark hours, the dog will sleep but the lights will still flash on when a critter tries to sneak towards the goods at night. It is a very safe and humane pest control product that will only scare the pests away. There is no harm being done to anyone or anything. The Sonic Shield is a very small unit and can be placed at various areas around the home or business. Often times, raccoons will get into the trash areas. The Sonic Shield can be placed and operated during the night to keep them out of the trash. It is a good choice of animal and bird control when there are several kinds of pest.

Keeping birds off the rooftops out from under the eaves of the home and out of the garden is necessary as well. Spring and summer is their favorite time of year to roost, look for a mate, and nest in the eaves of the home or any other hidden area. Inside the garage is a safe spot for the birds as well, away from their predators and the elements. It is important to get control over the pest bird before the nests are complete and there are eggs in them. There is a Migratory Bird Treaty that prohibits the removal of the nest once the nest is occupied.

There are various products that will secure the home and get rid of birds. Bird netting is another bird repellent device that will block the bird from entering an area. It is a product that offers total exclusion. Bird slopes and bird spikes can be placed under the eave to stop the birds from landing on the area. Other visual and sound bird deterrents can be placed throughout the area to scare the birds away.

Using bird repellent devices in conjunction with each other is suggested. Birds and other pest are smart creatures, and if only one product is used season after season, they could get too use to it and find a way to work around the animal and bird control product, and then it is no repellent at all.