Which Electronic Bird Repeller is Right for Your Pest Bird Problem?

Which Electronic Bird Repeller is Right for Your Pest Bird Problem?

Posted on June 5, 2014 by Alex Kecskes in Sound Bird Deterrents

If your property is being besieged by pest birds, an electronic bird repeller can be your best friend. The right device can keep birds away without harming them or annoying you, your neighbors or your pets. But which repeller should you get? The bird control experts at Bird B Gone have a few suggestions to help you choose the right electronic bird repeller and which devices to avoid.

The Electronic Bird Repeller for Wide Open Spaces

If you want to get rid of multiple bird pests over a large open area, Bird B Gone's Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic will do the job. It broadcasts pre-recorded distress and predator calls for as many as 22 species of birds. Birds will hear the sounds of their dreaded natural enemies falcons and hawks as well as the distress calls of their fellow species. The Bird Chase device can be set to scare a specific bird or to scare all birds. The calls last for two minutes and are repeated every 10 minutes, and you can program the device to turn on or off at night. A handy volume control allows you to adjust the sound intensity of the bird calls from 65-105 decibels. A built-in speaker covers up to an acre of property. Constructed of UV-protected materials to make it sun and weather resistant, the Bird Chase device is built to perform reliably outdoors. Powered by sustainable solar energy, the device is highly efficient during daylight (it even works on cloudy days). Rechargeable batteries take over at night. A handy LCD panel displays operating status and settings at a glance.

The Electronic Bird Repeller for Bats

If you want to keep bats out of dark enclosed areas, Bird B Gone's Sonic Shield is what you need. It works in two modes. During daytime mode, flashing LED lights and loud barking dog sounds create an effective deterrent to scare bats from your property. In nighttime mode, only the flashing LED lights blink on, ideal for areas where barking dog sounds may be bothersome to neighbors. Regardless of which mode you choose, the Sonic Shield provides a simple, affordable way to keep bats away from your property. Compact and completely portable, the device runs on four standard AA batteries. You can place it in a storage shed, garage, warehouse, or wherever bats attempt to sneak into your property. No AC wiring or connections are needed.

Avoid Ultrasonic Bird Repellers

Ultrasonic bird repellers are ineffective against most pest birds. They generate high frequencies that are above the hearing range of birds. So pest birds simply ignore them. They can, however, really annoy your pets.

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