Girder Clamp - 3" Stainless Steel (10/pk)


Girder Clamps are corner attachments used to secure netting cable to girders and I-beams. Girder clamps are adjustable to fit girders up to 3” in width, and are used as the load-bearing corner attachment for a net installation. 

  • Attach netting to girders and I-beams
  • Fits steel up to 3” thick
  • Corner Anchor and Intermediate Anchor
  • Used on large scale net installations 
  • 10 per pack


The 3” Stainless Steel Girder Clamps are corner net attachments designed to securely anchor into thick girders and I-beams. Girder Clamps can be adjusted to fit girders thicknesses of up to 3”. This corner attachment is typically used on large scale net installations for industrial warehouses, air hangers and other locations where thick girders are commonly found. When used as a corner load bearing anchor, it is recommended to predrill pilot holes to pass the bolt through. Girder Clamps can be installed as an intermediate net attachment when necessary to run straining wire cabling on the perimeter of the net installation. Available in 10 clamps per pack.

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