Girder Bird Spikes


Girder Bird Spikes are a physical bird deterrent used to prevent pigeons and larger pest birds from landing or nesting on girders or I-beams. Birds cannot land on the uneven surface created by the spikes and will move on to a different spot. Girder Spikes are sold in three widths (3”, 5” & 8”), two foot sections, 50 feet per box.

  • 360 Image Spin is of the 8" wide Spike option

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Bird Species
Pigeons, seagulls, vultures or larger birds. Not recommended in areas where birds have been nesting.
Where to Use
Adapts to any size girder up to 1" thick
Bird Pressure
Light to Medium
Commercial grade stainless steel pins manufactured into a UV protected polycarbonate base
2 ft sections; 50 ft. or 100 ft. box
Use attached c-clamps to connect the spikes to the girder
Expertise Level

Girder Bird Spikes Features and Benefits

  • Prevents birds from landing on steel girders and I-beams
  • Fits any girder up to 1" thick
  • No need for separate clips or hardware
  • Ideal where clean up of debris or drippings is not possible
  • Attached girder clamps make for easy installation

Girder bird spikes come in 2 foot long sections, each strip has 3 adjustable “c” clamps. The “c” clamps can be adjusted to fit any size girder up to 1" thick. Simply unscrew the bolt to fit the clamp over the lip of the girder,; tighten the screw to hold each strip in place.

Commercial Pricing Available: 800-392-6915

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