Snap Trap


The Bird B Gone Snap Trap is a live capture trap designed to humanely capture unwanted pest birds. When the bait tray mechanism is triggered, the spring-loaded nylon net springs closed. Quickly and humanely capturing unwanted birds. The powder-coated rust-resistant finish allows this trap to be mounted in various areas such as on buildings, walls, and even trees. 

  • Humane live capture trap
  • Bait tray trigger mechanism 
  • Spring-loaded nylon netting
  • Powder-coated for rust resistance 

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Bird Species
Dimensions Small
17” x 17” x 2.5” (43.18 cm x 43.18 cm x 6.35 cm)
Dimensions Med
24” x 24” x 2.5” (60.96 cm x 60.96 cm x 6.35 cm)

Snap Trap Features and Benefits

  • Simple to use with proven results.
  • When bait tray is triggered, a spring loaded nylon net closes over the birds to trap them quickly and safely.
  • This trap can be mounted on buildings, walls, and trees.
  • The Snap Trap is powder coated for rust resistance.

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