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  • How to Reduce Bird Nuisance in Your City

    Office desk

    The city is a place where diverse groups all congregate to live and work. One of these groups includes city-dwelling birds. While the birds have a place in the city and deserve to be treated humanely, they can cause quite a bit of trouble to both the people and the structures. It is always best to be proactive in dealing with nuisance animals and work to stop problems before they start. Fortunately, there are products available that you can purchase and install that effectively address the nuisance caused by city-dwelling birds in a safe, cost-effective, and humane manner. Continue reading

  • Exclude the Pests with Anti-Bird Netting

    bird netting for container gardensBirds are categorized as pests when they decide to nest or roost in spaces where their droppings and other debris is considered a hazard. Countless hours and money is spent each year by homeowners and building owners repairing the damage that the pest birds have caused. It is not just an unsightly dilemma, but the droppings actually are a hazard in themselves. The birds and their droppings can spread over 60 plus transmittable diseases. These diseases, sanitation and safety issues caused by the droppings pose a very serious liability risk. If left alone, the droppings could lead to illnesses, accidents and lawsuits. For a business, the droppings also create an ugly public image. Cleaning up after the pests time and time again gets very old for the maintenance crew and building managers. Clean up one last time and then invest in anti-bird netting to keep the birds out of the area. Continue reading

  • Safe and Humane Ways to Keep Bird Problems Away

    safe and humane bird controlBirds are responsible for damaging countless buildings and homes across the country. While the exact type of damage that can occur depends upon the species, most present the same problems. Here are a few of the most common issues birds can cause. Continue reading

  • The Best in Bird Net Bird Control

    garden nettingBird netting is an effective, humane and low-profile way to deter pest birds from unwanted places. It is designed to physically exclude birds from damaging different areas around your home, business, trees and gardens. It can be cut to size and is easy to install.

    Most of the netting is sold in rolls that are 14 x 100’ and 14 x 200’. There are typically three mesh sizes to use which would depend on the bird species you are trying to eliminate from an area. The sizes include 1/4-inch mesh, ½-inch mesh and ¾-inch mesh which would exclude swallows, sparrows, starlings, pigeons and many other pest birds. The best type of bird net you can use is U.V.-protected polypropylene which is very durable. It is strong, light for easy manageability and virtually invisible when installed correctly. It is available in various colors that will easily blend into the surrounds. Continue reading

  • Keep Birds Away from Your Garden with Bird Netting

    You may not immediately think of birds when you consider pest control issues; however, these feathered pests can cause serious damage, particularly in areas with abundant foliage. Some aggressive birds, like blackbirds, prefer crops for their food, and have been known to destroy millions of tons of crops.

    The Bird Question

    Just as significantly, birds can pose health risks to humans when they infest human-inhabited areas. Contact with the birds or their droppings can lead to serious, even potentially fatal, diseases in adults, children, and household pets. These seemingly benign animals can wreak more havoc than their appearance would indicate and it is important to keep them away without exterminating them. Continue reading

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