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  • Pigeon Control: Keep Pigeons off your Property

    keep pigeons off your propertyPigeons can quickly become a costly nuisance to property owners. They multiply rapidly, growing from a single pair to a noisy, destructive flock. They prefer lofty spaces and will nest and roost around rooftop AC units, circulating air vents, signage, solar panels and other semi-concealed areas. All these areas can be significantly damaged if pigeon control efforts are delayed. Continue reading

  • How to control pigeons on your home

    keep pigeons off your housePigeons are interesting birds, but they are also a nuisance. Did you know that pigeons were once considered war heroes? During the first and second World Wars the pigeons carried messages across enemy lines and this saved thousands of lives. But did you also know that pigeons can roost and nest on your home and their droppings are very acidic and damaging? The birds and their droppings are also unhealthy to humans. The droppings and their nesting sites are full of parasites and bugs. The pigeon is also associated with human diseases such as histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis and psittacosis. Carrying diseases across enemy lines might not be such a bad thing, but having them around the home is. Continue reading

  • Facts about Pigeons and how to control them

    bird-poop-girderPigeon control has become a major issue for building owners and managers. Known as “rats with wings,” pigeons have become the world’s number one pest bird, found in virtually every urban area of the globe. There are currently more than 400 million pigeons on the planet. In most cases, pigeons have become an urban pest, whose populations continue to grow, invading cities, brazenly building their nests in and around signage, ledges, rafters, AC units, solar panels, beams and bridges. Young pigeons will leave the nest 25 to 29 days after hatching. These birds have grown increasingly dependent on humans for food and shelter. They feed in flocks and will eat seeds, fruits and street scraps. While they consume about 30 grams of dry food per day, they only need 1 ounce of water a day to survive. Continue reading

  • How to get rid of Sparrows using humane bird controls

    Get rid of SparrowsSparrows can be found virtually in every state of the union. The small birds will look for nesting sites in the various nooks and crannies of a building. Sparrows are not known for their cleanliness. Their droppings are both unsightly and unsanitary, carrying such diseases as chlamydiosis, salmonellosis, Newcastle disease, toxoplasmosis and transmissible gastroenteritis. Bird droppings around areas where food is stored, processed or served can lead to health code violations. Nesting sparrows are also very noisy, creating distractions for employees. Most sparrows prefer to nest in the vents, attic vent louvers, crevices, and under eaves of buildings. The bird control experts at Bird B Gone offer a number of humane ways to get rid of sparrows. Continue reading

  • Are House Sparrows invading to your house this Spring?

    keep sparrows off buildingsHouse Sparrows, passer domesticus, are aggressive birds that are very abundant. Where there are houses and/or buildings, there will be sparrows. They are one of the most common birds found around the home. You might get so used to seeing them around, that you do not realize that they are a pest bird and should be deterred. They are aggressive and more often than not displace native birds from nest boxes. It is hard to overlook the house sparrow when they are the number one adversary of the bluebird and purple martin. Bird lovers who try and entice the jaybird into their yards are often disappointed by the nuisance House Sparrow. The house sparrow has been observed threatening and attacking over 70 species that come within their nesting territory. If you are interested in experiencing the bluebird in your yard, you will need to be very serious about controlling the house sparrow. Continue reading

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