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  • How to Safely and Humanely Get Rid of Birds

    bird netting for gardensA plan to get rid of birds that are interfering with your garden and around your property whether it is residential or business does not need to be hurtful to the pest birds.  Birds only do what nature intended them to do.  Survive by hiding away from their predators, foraging for food and proliferation.  A home garden is an ideal source of food for the birds and other pests.  Continue reading

  • Bird B Gone Now Offers an Affordable, Effective & Humane Bird Hazing Deterrent System

    The leader in bird control products for commercial, industrial and residential applications—Bird B Gone—now offers an affordable, effective and humane bird hazing system that repels birds, even small birds, especially sparrows, from large enclosed to open areas.

    Irvine, CA June 24, 2015

    bird hazerBird B Gone, the leader in bird control products for commercial, industrial and residential applications is now offering a bird hazing system that unites a number of important features in an easy-to-use pest bird repellent system, one that’s affordable, effective and humane; finally a bird hazing system that works. Continue reading

  • Bird Repellents and Deterrents to Keep Summertime Fun

    tomato_plantsSummertime is fun time.  Vacations are planned.  There is a lot of swimming going on.  Many people anticipating their backyard barbeque parties with family and friends.  The tomatoes in the garden are starting to ripen into juicy and sweet salad fixings.  Peaches are ripening for cobblers and pies.  Summer zucchini is so prolific that you are giving them away to neighbors.  This is the scenario if there are bird repellents in place. Continue reading

  • Pigeon Spikes the Ultimate in Bird Deterrents

    bird spikesA pest that often needs deterring is the feral pigeon.  Conflict usually arises when the pigeon intersects with the public.  Pigeons are known to transmit the bird flu and other transmittable diseases.  A major concern also is the damage they create on the property.  Most cities and urban areas supply a year round food source for these pest birds and most buildings have an area that is a comfortable habitat for them to breed.  The pigeon will lay eggs up to six times per year.  The number of pigeons in an area can multiply rather quickly if left unchecked and left to do what they naturally do. Continue reading

  • Bird Spikes: Why They Work to Deter Nuisance Birds

    If you have a problem with birds landing on or around your business, there are plenty of great ways to reduce the threat or eliminate the problem entirely. From sound deterrents to cleaning products, there are several solutions that will help property owners eliminate nuisance birds and remove any traces that there was a problem in the first place.

    Here at Bird B Gone, we’ve found that one of the most effective methods for eliminating a bird problem is to use bird spikes. Bird spikes are easy to install, inexpensive to purchase, and require very little maintenance. Why do bird spikes work? How exactly do they keep birds from landing on or around your business? Here is what you need to know about this amazing bird deterrent. Continue reading

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