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  • Why it’s Critical to Keep Birds Out of Stores

    birds in big box storesRecently, more than a dozen birds were seen eating packaged hamburger meat inside a US Wal-Mart. The birds were seen eating meat right out of the packages. Health Department inspectors had to remove over a dozen stray birds from the packaged meat display. Pest birds often make their way into big box stores, grocery outlets and warehouses. When they do, they wreak havoc with the operation and sanitation of the building or structure.  Continue reading

  • Birds Loiter and Feast on Supermarket Meat Aisle

    keep birds out of big box storesIt’s shocking but true. Several birds were recently filmed eating packaged meat inside a US Wal-Mart by a stunned shopper. The birds had flocked around the hamburger and were seen eating meat out of the packages. While the birds temporarily fled when the shopper was going through the meat, the birds returned as soon as she left. Health Department inspectors had to remove over a dozen stray birds from the packaged meat display. Continue reading

  • Preventative Maintenance: Check for Birds

    Published at: Buildings Magazine

    bird proof productsIts been said preventative maintenance is the best kind of maintenance. If you routinely check your facilities operational systems and equipment, it will save you time and money. Problems are easier and less expensive to fix the sooner they are noticed. Bird control is no different. Continue reading

  • Improperly Installed Bird Netting Can be Harmful to Birds

    bird scapeTo keep pigeons from entering ventilator ducts on the Badrinath Tower at Seven Bungalows in Mubai, bird netting was installed. This was in response to a pigeon problem in the building, which was causing respiratory problems for many residents. (Source: Times of India)

    Residents were recently shocked to see several pigeons (regarded as "birds of peace" in this country) trapped inside the ventilator ducts. The birds had managed to work their way through or around the netting and were unable to fly out. Many of the trapped birds died of starvation and stress. Continue reading

  • So Your Building Has Birds - A step by step guide to bird exclusion for commercial buildings.

    why bird controlFeatured At: Buildings Magazine

    You've got birds. It could be gulls sitting on your roof top or maybe pigeons making a mess of signs and awnings. Perhaps you have an open loading dock and have starlings nesting in the rafters.

    Whatever the situation, all you know is that birds are creating a problem that must be addressed. So where do you start? Continue reading

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