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Bird Control

  • The Swallows Are Coming. Are You Prepared?

    pest swallow nestsThe swallows are on their way, looking for places to roost and nest for Spring. Will they choose your building? They will if you're not prepared to deter them with effective bird control measures.

    In these tough times, you may not have the budget for removing the unsightly mud nests swallows typically build on building facades. You may also not have the time and money to re-paint your building(s) after the swallows leave ugly splotches on your walls.  Continue reading

  • How to Assess a Bird Problem

    Effective bird deterrents, Bird control methods, Bird deterrent productsBirds cause thousands of dollars in damage and cleanup costs to businesses and municipalities annually. Bird droppings and debris can deface and eventually damage the roofs, skylights and facades of many structures. They can also damage lighting, cameras, gates, AC units, and solar panels. Equally problematic, bird droppings and bird nests can harbor any of 60 known diseases—including histoplasmosis and West Nile Virus. Dried bird droppings can be drawn into rooftop ventilation systems, creating a health hazard for inhabitants. Wet bird droppings can cause dangerous slip-and-fall hazards. Continue reading

  • Is One Product Enough to Get Rid of That Bird?

    bird control productsPest birds deface and damage many areas of a property: solar panels, rooftop ventilators, security cameras, lighting systems, AC units and water runoff systems—all fall victim to the nests, droppings, and activities of birds. But birds are clever creatures. And they learn fast. Which is why one bird deterrent or repellent may not be enough to solve a serious pest bird problem. That’s where the bird control pros at Bird B Gone can help.

    The “Tag Team” Approach

    Bird B Gone’s ever-growing line of bird control products is designed to solve a wide range of pest bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings. Continue reading

  • How to Choose the Right Product for a Nuisance Bird

    How to Choose the Right ProductAsk property owners and they’ll tell you: Nuisance birds can cause many costly problems. Pest birds like pigeons, starlings and gulls can damage solar panels, rooftop ventilators, security cameras, lighting systems, AC units and water runoff systems. Getting rid of nuisance birds can pose a challenge, for not all bird deterrents work equally well for all birds. So it makes sense to choose the right deterrent or repellent to the nuisance bird that can damage and/or deface your property. That’s where the bird control pros at Bird B Gone can help. Continue reading

  • Bird Control Products for a Variety of Nusiance Birds

    plastic bird spikesBird control products keep birds away whether they are applied to homes, businesses, or boats. Bird control products are needed when pigeons, swallows, grackles, sparrows or woodpeckers are the targeted nuisance birds that are destroying the property.  There are many highly effective bird control products to choose from.  Most are readily available, safe for birds and others, and easy to install. Continue reading

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