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Bird Deterrents

  • What Every Property Owner/Manager Needs to Know About Geese

    Geese Facts Goose Facts Infographic

    If you own or manage any type of structure or property, there are some facts you need to know about geese to prevent these large birds from damaging your property.

    Geese love to gather around lakeshores, ponds, golf courses, sports fields and any dwellings that happen to be near them. The birds prefer nesting sites on elevated, secluded areas near bodies of water. They will return to the area of their birth each year to mate and nest. Nesting season is mid March to May, so the time to implement proactive deterrents/repellents is now.

    Most Geese have a wide wingspan (up to 75 inches), which allows them to fly up to 1,500 miles in a single day.  When migrating, they will "pond hop" and forage for food. This can be very destructive to plants and property, as mature Canada geese can weigh up to 14 pounds. They can quickly denude and trample green vegetation, grasses and aquatic plants, leaving large amounts of droppings in their wake. Continue reading

  • Proper Bird Problem Assessment

    Bird Problem AssessmentAssessing the problem of pest birds involves a wide and comprehensive set of factors.  It is important that you get as much information as possible to create a comprehensive quote for your customer.  Be sure to include the following in your bird problem job assessment.

    Continue reading
  • Installing Correctly the Right Bird Control Products the First Time

    installing bird control productsPest birds have long been a major problem for property owners. They deface and damage solar panels, rooftop ventilators, security cameras, lighting systems, AC units and water runoff systems. They destroy crops and endanger our airports. Getting rid of pest birds isn’t easy, for not all bird deterrents work equally well for all birds. And deterrents incorrectly installed will fail to get rid of birds just as much as the wrong product. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right bird control product and to rely on experts who know how to install that product correctly the first time. That’s where the bird control pros at Bird B Gone can help. Continue reading

  • Bird B Gone Now Offers Free Training Around the World

    bird control free training No one knows better how bird control has advanced over the years. From brooms and sonic booms to lasers and advanced sonic deterrents, innovations in bird control have led to newer and better ways to effectively—and humanely—deal with pest birds. As the industry leader for over 22 years, Bird-B-Gone has issued 42 patents worldwide and 35 pending patent applications—the most in the industry. Its broad range of products addresses every bird problem. But choosing the right product for the right bird and venue can pose a challenge. Which is why, whether you’re an installer or a homeowner, Bird B Gone will teach you the most efficient and cost effective way to get rid of pest birds—virtually anywhere in the world. Continue reading

  • Bird Decoys: The Hawk vs. The Owl

    Hawk Decoy vs. Owl Decoy - Bird DeterrentsBirds cause millions of dollars in damage to homes across the U.S. each year. Because of the acidity levels in bird droppings, large accumulations of them can actually eat through roofing materials, which could cause leaks if bird populations are not deterred from the property. Bird nests can ruin gutters, cause electrical fires, and block ventilation systems. Gardens aren’t safe either. Birds can destroy young seedlings and fresh fruit, and contaminate food plants with their droppings.

    There are a variety of effective ways to control the bird populations around a home and garden. At Bird B Gone, we’ve developed a variety of environmentally friendly bird deterrents that will not harm birds or other wildlife, yet will effectively deter them in most cases. Continue reading

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