Do Bird Spikes Work for Small Birds?

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Do Bird Spikes Work for Small Birds?

Posted on June 16, 2021 by Bird B Gone in bird spikes

To put it simply: No, Spikes Do Not Stop Small Birds

For pigeons on up, the protection offered by spikes can’t be beat but for small birds, spikes won’t do the trick. In fact, spikes are never recommended by Bird Control Experts as a first line of defense against small birds.

Robin nesting in eave of a home

Small birds will simply perch on the spikes or in between the spike prongs , treating them like the twigs, branches, and thorns they’re accustomed to navigating around. In fact, many small birds will actually use the spikes as a foundation for their nest building since they work so well to keep the nesting materials together.

What is Spike Used for?

Bird spikes are an amazing deterrent system. They are easy to install, effortless to maintain, and are remarkably effective over the long-term at keeping large birds away from a variety of locations. They work by preventing pigeons from gaining a foothold on their favorite roosting sites. The purpose of the spikes isn’t to cause pain; rather, their purpose is to create a barrier to roosting.

small sparrow perching on twig

But think about it: Small birds sit in all kinds of places that are uncomfortable every day. Honestly, even their nests can’t be that great in terms of comfort so comfort clearly isn’t an issue. 

This is also why bird spikes for small birds are not effective. The height of the spike and spacing of the prongs are designed for pigeon sized birds. They provide too much space for small birds to take advantage of. And be wary of any spikes claiming to deter all species of birds; there’s no such thing. Spikes simply are not the best option for birds smaller than pigeons.

So, what does work to deter small birds?

Effective Strategies for Small Bird Activity

At Bird B Gone, we take a strategic approach to bird control. This means we endeavor to use every tool at our disposal to solve nuisance bird problems. We’ll create a combination of deterrents and site modifications that will prevent birds from causing problems on your property.

Remember what we said earlier, roosting and nesting birds require different solutions. So, check if you have nesting birds or if they are simply perching on unwanted ledges. This will save you time and money!

What Stops Small Birds from Perching, Roosting, or Sitting?

What products work to stop small birds from perching or roosting on windowsills, ledges, fences, signs, and other similar locations? 

We recommend the following for perching small birds:

1) Bird Repellent Gels Such as SpectrumV

SpectrumV is a sticky, holographic gel that comes in preloaded dishes. SpectrumV is a proprietary formula that works to trigger all a bird’s senses in order to deter them from lingering nearby.

SpectrumV Gel installed to stop small birds from perching on ledge

Advantages of SpectrumV also include the following:

  • The gel is sticky and the birds don’t like to touch it or experience the feel of it on their talons.
  • The tiny holographic particles in the gel create a visual deterrent that frightens birds of all sizes away.
  • The gel is made of a proprietary blend of ingredients that creates an aroma that is unpleasant to birds discouraging them from the area.
  • Gel dishes are easy to install on horizontal surfaces. After cleaning, simply use construction adhesive to attach the dishes at appropriate intervals.
  • SpecV provides effective deterrence for months and, depending on weather and other conditions, require replacement on average twice a year.

2) Electric Tracks Such as Bird Jolt Flat Track

Bird Jolt Flat Track is a permanent solution to stop all birds from perching or roosting. The track gives the birds a mild electric shock when they land on its surface. The shock never harms the birds, but it does condition them to stay away from the area. Jolt Flat Track from Bird B Gone is the only track deterrent that offers anti-arcing protection for extra safety and a glue trough that makes installation a breeze.

Advantages of Electric Track include the following:

  • Small and large bird efficacy
  • Humane and harmless deterrence
  • Lightweight, flexible, crush proof materials
  • Low profile, virtually invisible design
  • Waterproof connectors for safe and easy installation
  • Custom lengths with regular scissors
  • Six colors: clear, gray, stone, black, terracotta, and red

It’s no wonder Jolt Flat Track is the #1 specified electric track by architects and government agencies. You’ll find specifications and detailed installation instructions and videos on our website, including a list of the tools and knowledge you’ll need to get the job done right.

What Stops Small Birds from Nesting?

Roosting and nesting birds require different deterrents. Gel dishes and electric tracks work well for preventing roosting, but you’ll need a few additional precautions to prevent small birds from nesting.

1) Small Areas: 

Copper mesh installed to stop small birds nesting

If birds are nesting in small nooks and crannies, you have two good solutions to try. First, you can stuff the space with Copper Mesh. Copper Mesh is highly malleable and will fit anywhere. Plus, birds and other animals cannot chew through it, making it ideal for blocking access to tight nesting spaces.

2) Medium to Large Areas:

3/4 inch netting stops small birds from nesting

Medium to large nesting areas can be protected using ¾” Bird Netting. Bird Netting is a 100% effective exclusion product that will not allow small birds to pass into popular nesting areas such as overhead beams, canopies, eaves, or other similar spaces. You can also place sections of netting over vents, chimneys, and other such locations to keep small birds safely out.

In addition, garden netting can be draped over trees and crops to prevent even the smallest birds from feasting on your harvest. Bird B Gone carries a full range of netting products to help you protect any space from any bird.

What Attracts Small Birds to Areas?

Before discussing site modifications, it’s worth taking a moment to consider that all birds are attracted to food, water, and covered protected spaces to nest. Large box stores, lawn and garden stores, warehouses, and hardware stores often have these three elements in abundance, as do backyards, barns, and agricultural locations. Bird activity is most prevalent in spring and summer. 

With this in mind, our team will help you make modifications to your site to minimize attractions.

  1. Eliminate food sources such as open trash containers and bird feeders
  2. Cleanup messes. Birds are attracted to their own messes, so pressure washing droppings and removing nesting materials is critical.
  3. Install barriers such as netting to prevent access 

Small Birds, Big Problems

Bird B Gone has solutions to meet all your bird control needs. Our goal is to educate our customers about bird control and the solutions that have the greatest chance of success. We are a trusted resource for the tools, knowledge, and experience you need to protect your property from the damage caused by birds of all sizes.

No two bird control challenges are alike. Call us today to discuss what we can do to help you.