Why Bird Spike is Effective and Simple [Expert Explanation]

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Why Bird Spike is Effective and Simple [Expert Explanation]

Posted on June 7, 2021 by Bird B Gone in Bird Spike

Bird Spike: Simple Design, Easy to Install and Hard to Mess Up

Yes, sometimes the solution to a vexing bird problem is as simple as bird spike. All the old sayings are true: the simple answers are often the best answers. This is certainly true when it comes to bird control. Yes, birds are smart. Yes, birds are a nuisance. But that certainly doesn’t mean the solution has to be complicated.

The Problem: Roosting, Perching and Loafing Birds

Before we get too far discussing why spikes are the solution, it’s worth taking a moment to examine the problem of roosting birds. In their natural habitats roosting is often triggered by environmental events such as sunset, rain, and tide changes. But in urban environments roosting birds can be observed in unison with human behaviors like lunch time or closing time at a fish market. However, while roosting birds are perfectly happy, their human neighbors are anything but.

A flock of pigeons roosting on a rooftop.

Popular roosting areas quickly become streaked with bird droppings that look horrible, destroy property, and hurt business. In addition, bird droppings may contain any number of nearly 60 different diseases and parasites. Roosting birds near humans are just a bad situation.

It’s also important to distinguish roosting from nesting. Roosting and nesting sites are different. And, because the behaviors are different, the solutions are different. In this article, we are discussing ways to overcome the challenge of roosting.

The Solution: Bird Spikes

What’s the easiest way to stop a bird from standing on sills, sitting on signs, or loitering aimlessly on ledges? The simple answer is spiny bird spikes that make these and other narrow, flat areas inaccessible and uncomfortable. Their straightforward design makes them easy to install and hard to mess up.

Stainless Steel Bird Spike with clear plastic base

They are effective at deterring a wide variety of bird species including pigeons, the most prevalent pest bird in the world. And, they are a long-term, low-maintenance solution that, once installed, provides hassle-free protection for years.

The Design Perfection of Bird Spike

Bird spikes have been around for a long time. Variations of the basic principle go back a long way, but Bird B Gone’s proprietary plastic bird spikes were first introduced in 1992. Our commitment to continuous innovation has created a superior product that sets today’s standard in the industry and is the go-to bird control solution for professionals and DIYers everywhere.

The Basics of Bird Spike

The essentials of bird spikes are uncomplicated. Spikes come mounted in pre-assembled strips that range from 1-2 feet in length. They are placed in the base in multiple rows and at varying angles to create a porcupine-like shape that prevents birds from being able to find a foothold on the surface. Spikes come in varying lengths depending upon the species of bird in question; bigger birds have longer legs and require longer spikes as a deterrent. Strips come ready to install with construction adhesive or screws. Plus, they’re visibly unobtrusive and easy to maintain.

8" wide Stainless Steel bird spike front view showing spread of spikes.7" wide Plastic Bird Spike front view shoring spread of plastic spikes.

The most important feature of spikes is that they are a 100% humane solution . The objective is to painlessly block the birds’ feet from being able to reach the surface. If their feet can’t rest, they can’t roost. And since our spikes are dulled and harmless to the birds, impaling them is out of the equation.

It’s no wonder that spikes are such a popular way to address the problem of roosting. Bird control spikes are simple to understand, install, and maintain. They require no assembly and maintenance is limited to making sure the spikes don’t become clogged with leaves or other debris. And no other bird control product is as cost effective in terms of both money and time.

Bird Spike is Versatile in Application

The basic idea of spike strips can be modified in several simple ways to tailor them to different situations. Bird B Gone carries all the design variations of Bird Spike you need at a range of price points so you can find what you need to keep your property free from roosting birds. Regardless of which spike you choose, birds can see them before they try to land and they’ll take their roosting someplace else.

Shopping for bird spikes is, well, simple.

  1. Choose plastic or stainless steel spikes
  2. Measure the area you need to cover
  3. Determine if standard or mega spikes are needed

Is Plastic or Metal Spike Better?

Bird spikes are available in either plastic or stainless steel. Both types feature a UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic base. Both are durable, weather resistant, easy to install, and effective at deterring birds. The main differences are that stainless steel spikes are a premium product, offer a longer warranty, and have a lower visual impact than plastic. While plastic spikes come in a variety of camouflaging colors with a lower price point, they are a little thicker and slightly more visible.

How Wide Should Bird Spikes Be?

Birds are determined and smart, so they will find ways to evade your spikes without adequate coverage. Spike width refers to the span of the spikes and is impacted by the number of spikes in the base and the angle of the spikes. Getting the width right involves measuring the width of the ledge where birds like to perch so that savvy birds can’t roost behind or in front of spikes; if you give birds even an inch, they will take it.

Diagram showing how bird spikes should be installed on 3", 5" and 8" wide ledges.

Proper installation requires that spikes hang over the front edge by ½”, be no farther away than 1” – 2” from any walls behind, and that no gaps are left between strips. Remember: birds are smart and stubborn and they can fly. They’re not afraid of falling off your ledge while trying to gain a foothold in even the narrowest space. Multiple rows of strips can be installed to cover wider areas. Contact the bird control experts at Bird B Gone for help with your questions about achieving effective coverage protection.

How Tall Should Bird Spikes Be?

Standard plastic and stainless steel spikes are 4 ¾” tall, which is fine for deterring most birds like pigeons and seagulls. But if cormorants, turkey vultures, or larger birds of prey are causing your problems, Bird B Gone sells a Mega Stainless Steel Spike that is 7” long.

The key to success is that the spikes need to be longer than the birds’ legs. If the spikes are shorter, birds can stand over them without experiencing discomfort. Thus, it’s never recommended that consumers trim down spikes; the height is essential to efficacy.

How Long Do Bird Spikes Last For?

Beyond their foolproof—bird proof—design and versatile applicability, the durability and longevity of bird spikes contributes greatly to their long-standing popularity.

  1. Bird spikes require almost no maintenance. Keep them clear of leaves and debris and they’ll work day and night for years to prevent roosting.
  2. Bird B Gone Stainless Steel Spikes have a 10-year manufacturer warranty
  3. Bird B Gone Plastic Spikes have a 5-year manufacturer warranty

Bird spikes are truly one of the hardest working, longest working bird control deterrents available. They are a simple, time-tested solution you can count on to get the job done right.

What Not to Use Spikes for?

Most people think bird spike is an end all be all product and although it has many uses, it is frequently misused. We do not recommend using spikes for smaller birds, anything smaller than a pigeon. Bird B Gone has put together a comprehensive guide covering why spikes should not be used for small birds. Every product has its limitations and using spike for little birds is one of the biggest mistakes a customer can make, especially if they are nesting. 

Simply Bird B Gone

If you’re searching for simple and effective answers to your pest bird problem, talk to the experts at Bird B Gone today. We’re not here to sell bird control products, we’re here to solve bird problems. Our line of high-quality bird spikes are, quite simply, the best you can buy. Shop today for a bird-free tomorrow.