Get Rid of Geese from Golf Courses

Get Rid of Geese from Golf Courses

Posted on July 21, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Goose Control

The Egyptian Geese have become a real problem at some golf courses in Irvine, California. The Egyptian Goose is not really a goose. They are actually a Shelduck. They are a cross between a duck and a goose. They have many duck-like characteristics, but they also have goose-like traits. The Egyptian Geese are the most widespread of all the African waterfowl. More than likely they are descendants of the three pairs that were brought to the Lion Country Safari that has been since closed down. All three mates eventually fled the Lion country Safari soon after arriving from Africa. To get rid of the geese whether it is the Canada Geese or Egyptian geese the same goose control products can be used.

As with the Canada Geese, the Egyptian Geese are fund close to wet areas. They perch in trees and on buildings and will often return to the same location each night to roost. The Egyptian geese can be very bad tempered and this happens more so during breeding season. They can be very aggressive and very intolerant of other birds; sometimes they are intolerant of other Egyptian Geese. They are even known to be vicious. The females make a crackling noise and the mails will hiss.

Goose Control Options

This is not the behavior that is expected on the golf course. Golfers have a set of rules to follow on the course, and the geese need to be deterred because they do not have the capability of following rules. One goose repellent that will keep them off the grass and trees is Migrate Goose Repellent. It is a non-toxic food grade liquid repellent that can be sprayed on the lawns, trees and shrubs to deter the geese from the area. The active ingredient in the liquid goose repellent is a grape extract called Methyl Anthranilate. It has been proven to be effective at repelling pest birds. The extract causes a sensation to the birds trigeminal nerve and mucous membranes that they do not like at all. They will want to avoid all areas that have been sprayed with the goose repellent.

Another form of goose control is a motion activated sprinkler. The sprinkler will detect the geese or other pest birds in an area 35 by 45 wide. Strategically placed, this would water the golf course at night and also make sure the geese are not roosting or nesting where they are not wanted. The unit releases an immediate burst of water when the sensor detects the fowl. Although the geese like to be near a water source, they do not like to be hit with the spraying water. They will associate the area with that unwanted blast of water and find another place to gather.

A visual deterrent such as a coyote decoy is another goose control method to use on the golf course. The coyote decoy is a free standing life size deterrent that will scare the geese away. All products mentioned are safe and humane and will not harm the pests or golfers.