Goose Control in the Backyard

Goose Control in the Backyard

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Kathy Fritsch in Goose Control

Businesses and homes are damaged every year by pest geese. Cleanup and repairs cost millions of dollars every year. If there is a water source, pest geese are a large problem. The water source may even be a backyard pool. Goose control needs to be put into action to prevent the destruction the geese leave in their wake. Goose control will not only keep away the geese, but will deter other pest birds as well. Crows, pigeons, grackles and sparrows are a few common pest birds you will see in the backyard. Goose control is very inexpensive especially compared to the cost of the pest birds damage. The birds droppings are what cause the problems. The droppings are acidic in nature and will eat through must surfaces including paint, wood and metals. The nesting materials and droppings also harbor many diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Safe and Humane Goose Control Products

There are goose control products that are safe and humane that will effectively keep the geese and other pest birds away. There are laws that protect the migratory bird from harm. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is the main governing law that protects many pest birds. There are many ways to deter the geese and other pest birds that will just scare them away or physical block them from an area, or just annoy them so they will leave. One goose deterrent is a non-toxic liquid that can be sprayed on the grassy areas. Parks, golf courses, parks and cemeteries often use this liquid bird repellent. The liquid is made from grape extract, Methyl Anthranilate, and is not harmful to plants or animals or humans. This liquid goose deterrent irritates birds trigeminal nerves and mucous membranes. The geese and other pest birds do not like the sensation caused by the deterrent and will want to avoid the area that is treated with it.

Another goose control product that is good for wide-open areas is the coyote decoy. The coyote decoy is a visual deterrent that will scare away geese and ducks. It is a good deterrent to have near the pool and to keep them out of the backyard pool. Coyotes are natural predators of the geese and ducks. When they see the life-like decoy, the geese will be frightened and will leave the area immediately. The decoys are made out of U.V. resistant durable plastic and made for outdoor use. It is suggested that you change the location of the decoys from time to time so that the geese and ducks do not get too use to the image.

There are other visual goose deterrents such as scare balloons and flat diverters. These, too, work by creating a visual disturbance. The birds do not like the shiny reflective surface of the scare balloons and diverters. They also have predator markings on the sides that scare geese and other pest birds away.

By applying goose and bird deterrents, you are eliminating the nasty bird droppings that are hazardous to ones health in many ways, and keeping the backyard safe, clean and bird and geese free.