How to Stop Birds from Flying into Windows [Simple Effective Solutions]

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How to Stop Birds from Flying into Windows [Simple Effective Solutions]

Posted on August 31, 2021 by Bird B Gone in bird flying into window

Seeing a bird flying into a window is a terrible thing to witness, usually prompting a quick Google search on why and how to keep birds from repeating this action.

Once you’ve made sure the bird is okay, the race is on to find out why birds keep flying into the windows at your house or office. No, there isn’t an underlying meaning behind it or a bad omen. It boils down to a little bit of bird biology and some common sense.

In this blog we cover the following topics related to bird window strikes:

  1. Why do Birds Fly into Windows?
  2. How to Stop Birds Flying into Windows?
  3. Why do Birds Peck at Windows?
  4. How to Stop Birds Pecking at Windows

Trust us, our team of bird control experts gets calls like this every day during bird season.

Why do Birds Fly into Windows?

There are a few reasons birds fly into windows but the biggest and most common is that they don’t see the glass they are hitting or better put, birds don’t know what glass is. Birds have extremely keen eyesight, allowing them to detect dangerous predators quickly and from a distance. For smaller bird species that are preyed upon by larger animals, this evolutionary trait serves a specific purpose. When the decision between fight or flight comes up, small birds choose flight and flee the area.

Glass, a Foreign Concept to Most Birds

You might be wondering, “if birds have keen eyesight why are they still hitting my windows.” The simple answer is, they don’t know what glass windows are. The concept of a window, a clear solid object that you cannot pass through, is a foreign concept to most animals.

Birds are no exception to this. Windows are not a natural occurrence in the natural world, they are manmade. And what is manmade has to be learned by wild animals. If a bird doesn’t know there is something invisible blocking its flight path, it will, unfortunately, fly into it by mistake.

Is Something in My House Attracting Them?

There might be something attracting them on the inside of the window. Food, water, shelter are three major reasons birds might be attracted to the inside of your house. So, if you keep your windows clean and have food and water inside, you might be inadvertently enticing birds to fly directly into the windows they should be avoiding.

Luckily, the solutions to these problems will not break your wallet and are easy to incorporate into your DIY projects. Not only are the following solutions ideal for residential users but can be easily incorporated into commercial applications if needed.

Stop birds flying into windows

How to Stop Birds Flying into Windows?

We covered the why aspect, so now let’s break down how you can stop birds from flying into those windows you keep so clean. The simple answer would be to make the glass visible. There are a few ways you can do this but the easiest way is to install visual bird deterrents and repellents.

Prevent Birds From Hitting Windows with Visual Bird Deterrents

Installing a visual deterrent will allow birds to recognize something obstructing their flight pattern. This signals the bird to stop, change direction and avoid the dangers of windows and other glass-like appliances. We carry a multitude of visual bird deterrents that can help deter birds from these areas. Some will help the bird identify the window before hitting it and others will help scare the birds away from the area.

Window Alert Decals Help Stop Window Strikes

Window Alert Decals are the most popular product used when it comes to window strikes. These decals work by reflecting ultraviolet light, acting as a warning sign to birds. Earlier, we covered that birds have a sharp sense of vision, a lot stronger than people do. This allows them to see certain light frequencies such as ultraviolet light.

Placing something as simple as a Window Alert Decal on the glass will help prevent future birds from flying directly into your windows. The reflection of ultraviolet light is invisible to human eyes but highly visible to birds. These low-profile decals are hard to notice when installed but glow like a stoplight for birds in the area. The decals use static-cling to stick to glass, making it easy to remove if needed.

We recommend using more decals at first, to make sure the birds can recognize the ultraviolet light.

Holographic Flash Tape to Scare Them Away

Unlike the window alert decals mentioned above, Holographic Flash Tape is designed to reflect light, wave in the wind and make noise to alert and scare birds. The reflection and movement of the Flash Tape mimic those of a dangerous predator. This triggers the instinct to flee once the flash tap has been detected.

Not only does flash tape act as a visual deterrent but the mylar material creates auditory cues when waving in the wind.

It is important to cut strips of tape long enough to cover the full height of the window. The good thing about flash tape is that it’s inexpensive and easy to install.

Pairing flash tape with window alert decals will increase the chances of stopping the harmless birds from striking your windows.

Why do Birds Peck and Attack Windows?

Some people might be experiencing an occasional bird pecking at your window and a few unlucky may have aggressive attacking cardinals. 

Bird activity tends to increase during the spring and summer months in correlation to the natural mating season of birds. During these months, small birds like to protect their territories. And if your house falls into one of these territories, which is extremely common, you might have a bird or two pecking at your window.

The reason you ask? These small little birds see their reflection thinking it is another bird in its territory. You will notice these birds fluttering, bouncing around, and aggressively attacking the reflection in the window. 

How to Stop Birds from Pecking at Windows?

The first thing you want to do when birds are pecking and attacking your windows is to block their reflection. There are a few different ways to do this. The products listed below will help repel birds from your windows. 

Flash Tape

Flash tape being another repeat hero in this situation can help scare away birds and block their view of the window. Make sure to cut strips of flash tape long enough to extend to the bottom of the windowsill. The more aggressive the birds, the closer you will want to space the Flat Tape strips. The goal is to block the reflection of the bird and if possible, stop them from perching on the ledge. 

SpectrumV Holographic Bird Gel Dishes

If the birds are fluttering, perching or bouncing around your windowsills, SpectrumV Gel Dishes are a quick and easy solution. These dishes are filled with a proprietary blend of bird repellent gel using a combination of sight, sense, and small to repel birds from pecking at windows.

Space the SpecV dishes a few inches apart to prevent birds from perching on ledges and windowsills. If you have a particularly aggressive bird attacking its reflection, we recommend pairing Flash Tape and SpectrumV Gel Dishes together. This combination will help block the reflection they see and prevent them from landing on the ledge to perch.

Ask the Experts at Bird B Gone

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