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  • Why Choose Bird B Gone for your Bird Control Training?

    Choose Bird B Gone for your Bird Control TrainingWith an ever-growing variety of bird control products on the market, it only makes sense to choose a professional, experienced company to train you or your team about the various aspects of bird control. As the industry leader for over 22 years, Bird-B-Gone offers a broad range of products that address every bird problem. Whether you’re an installer or a property owner, Bird B Gone will teach you the most efficient and cost effective way to get rid of pest birds. Continue reading

  • Need Innovative Bird Control, Contact the Experts

    inovative bird control

    As with any industry, there are innovations and breakthroughs that improve a product’s performance, reliability and price competitiveness. Bird control is no exception. As the industry leader for over 24 years, Bird-B-Gone has the experience, knowledge and expertise to continually lead in the industry in innovative bird control products and services. Our bird control engineers have more than 90 years of combined hands-on experience. And they continue to stay on top of the latest advancements in the industry. Continue reading

  • Need an Expert in Bird Control? Visit Bird B Gone

    Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Installation VideoNeed an expert in bird control? Look into Bird-B-Gone. They are a leading manufacturer of bird control products. Not only do they have the most up-to-date bird control strategies on the market, but they also have an extensive network of bird control professionals to help solve your pest bird problems. They work closely with expert installers across the globe. They also have developed a training course that certifies installers. Continue reading

  • Bird Decoys: The Hawk vs. The Owl

    Hawk Decoy vs. Owl Decoy - Bird DeterrentsBirds cause millions of dollars in damage to homes across the U.S. each year. Because of the acidity levels in bird droppings, large accumulations of them can actually eat through roofing materials, which could cause leaks if bird populations are not deterred from the property. Bird nests can ruin gutters, cause electrical fires, and block ventilation systems. Gardens aren’t safe either. Birds can destroy young seedlings and fresh fruit, and contaminate food plants with their droppings.

    There are a variety of effective ways to control the bird populations around a home and garden. At Bird B Gone, we’ve developed a variety of environmentally friendly bird deterrents that will not harm birds or other wildlife, yet will effectively deter them in most cases. Continue reading

  • Know your pest bird...know how to get rid of it

    pest birds bird controlBirds can quickly become a costly nuisance to any business, municipality or property owner. Besides the repeated cleanups of bird droppings, pest birds can damage solar panels, rooftop ventilators, security cameras, lighting systems, AC units and water runoff systems. Getting rid of pest birds can pose a challenge, for not all bird deterrents work equally well for all birds. So it becomes important to match the right deterrent or repellent to the birds that can damage and/or deface your property. What you need is a bird control expert on your side. And there are none better than the pros at Bird B Gone. Continue reading

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