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  • We Make Our Own Products, Saving You Time & Money


    One of the many reasons Bird B Gone has become one of the world's largest manufacturer of professional-grade bird deterrents is that our high-quality bird control products are made right here in the USA. Whether it’s our world-renowned bird spikes, bird netting, or so many of our other bird deterrents, our customers know they can count on the highest quality from Bird B Gone. And, simply put, that saves our customers both time and money. Continue reading

  • Effective, affordable and easy to use bird control products

    bird-control-for-your-homeIt does not matter if it is pigeons making themselves at home on the rooftop, or swallows building nests under the eaves of the home, or even geese gathering together for a family meal out of the lawn, there is a bird control product that will stop them from damaging your property. Nuisance pest birds can be destructive. Continue reading

  • Made in the USA means quality bird control products

    pigeon control spikesOne of the many reasons why Bird B Gone has become the world's largest manufacturer of professional-grade bird deterrents is that its high-quality bird control products are made in the USA. This allows property owners, managers and installers who specify Bird B Gone bird spikes, bird netting, and other bird deterrents/repellents to do so with the utmost confidence. Continue reading

  • 3 Benefits of Attending Bird B Gone University

    bird control training classBird-B-Gone University offers a comprehensive training course taught by our bird control specialists who have years of experience in the industry. Classes are free and held at the Bird-B-Gone facility in Santa Ana, California. Every attendee receives a free training manual, catalog, and product samples. The benefits of these classes are many and varied. Those who attend not only gain product knowledge, but learn how to market bird control products and how to become an Authorized Installer. Continue reading

  • Bird B Gone Celebrates 25-years of Bird Control Service

    why bird b gone bird control products

    Bird B Gone is the industry leader—for over 24 years.

    Bird-B-Gone bird control engineers lead the industry with more than 90 years of combined hands-on experience.

    Bird B Gone has 42 issued patents worldwide and 35 pending patent applications—the most in the industry. Continue reading

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