The Ultimate Roof Spikes Guide for Roosting Birds

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The Ultimate Roof Spikes Guide for Roosting Birds

Posted on January 11, 2021 by Bird B Gone in Bird Spikes

In this blog, we guide you through the different Roof Spikes that are available, the positive impact they can make, and the underlying health and property damages associated with an unprotected rooftop. 

Roof tops are magnets for birds and it’s not hard to understand why. They love the height, the clear visibility, the isolation, and the room to gather with lots of friends and family. A bird or two on the roof periodically is not a problem and should be expected, but regularly roosting birds are a different story all together.

Roof Spikes to the Rescue

Leaving your rooftop unprotected is not an option. The costs are simply too high. A practical rooftop roosting solution should meet the following criteria:

  1. Be effective at preventing the birds from landing
  2. Be easy to install
  3. Be scalable and adaptable to different scenarios
  4. Be weather resistant and highly durable
  5. Require little to no maintenance
  6. Provide long lasting, humane protection against roosting nuisance birds

Bird spikes from Bird B Gone check all those boxes. They are an outstanding solution to rooftop roosting.

What are roof spikes?

Roof spikes are a control device used to prevent birds from perching or roosting on the roof. A spike system contains multiple rows of blunt but needle-like rods mounted at varying angles into a base which can be temporarily or permanently fastened to a flat or curved surface. They work to deter roosting by preventing the birds’ feet from reaching a foothold on the flat surface; the deterrence is accessibility, not pain. Bird spikes from Bird B Gone are a 100% humane solution to birds on your roof.

Which spikes are right for you?

Bird roof spikes are a simple product. Consider the following when choosing the right spike for your roof:

  • Material – plastic or stainless steel
  • Width –spikes need to span the entire width of the area and have a ½” overhang. Multiple rows can be used to protect wider areas.
  • Spike Length—5” or 7”, depending on the species of bird involved

4 Best Bird Spikes for Roofs

The following is an overview of four of Bird B Gone’s most popular roof spike products:

1) Bird Spike 2000 Polycarbonate Bird Spikes

These 5” tall, durable, polycarbonate plastic spikes are weatherproof, UV resistant, and come with a 5-year product warranty. They have a rigid, pre-notched base that allows for quick installation on any flat surface. Strips are sold in 2’ sections and are available in 3”, 5”, and 7” widths and in six different colors.


  • Easy installation using adhesive or screws
  • High durability; spikes will not break
  • Inexpensive


  • Higher visibility than stainless steel spikes
  • Shorter expected life than stainless steel spikes

2) Bird Spike 2001 Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

The Bird Spike 2001 is the #1 stainless steel bird spike specified by contractors and architects. These versatile strips contain 5” tall, dull, slightly bendy, stainless steel spikes mounted in a flexible, pre-notched polycarbonate base. Stainless steel roof spikes are available in 2’ lengths and come in 1”, 3”, 5”, and 8” widths. They are an exceptional choice for bird spikes for roofs and carry a 10-year product warranty.


  • Easy installation—screws, construction adhesive, or zip ties for temporary needs
  • High durability – spikes won’t bend, break, or fall out
  • Virtually invisible—especially from a distance
  • Long life


  • More spendy than comparable plastic spikes

3) Mega Bird Spikes

Mega Bird Spikes are the 7” tall version of the Bird Spike 2001 stainless steel spike. The taller spikes are designed to deter larger birds. Mega Spike strips come in 2’ lengths and are built to protect a 5” wide ledge.


  • Easy installation—permanent or temporary
  • Effective at deterring large birds— Turkey Vultures are no match for these spikes
  • High durability
  • Low visibility


  • More expensive than plastic spikes
  • Will not be effective at deterring smaller birds

4) Gutter Bird Spikes

Stainless Steel Gutter Bird Spikes from Bird B Gone prevent birds from landing in gutters using flexible stainless steel spikes mounted in a UV-protected polycarbonate base. Installation requires no special tools or hardware; each strip includes “c” clamps along the base that are easily tightened with a thumb screw. They are an excellent solution for protecting gutters from the damage caused by roosting birds.


  • Easy gutter installation
  • Effective at deterring a wide variety of birds
  • High durability and long life


  • Gutter spikes have a slight visual presence 

If you have questions about which product is best for your roof, call to talk to the experts at Bird B Gone. We’ll help you assess the situation, measure correctly, get the area safely cleaned up, and provide easy-to-follow installation instructions.

Birds Roosting on your Roof?

Communal roosting is a common behavior for the avian population. Roosting benefits birds in a number of ways; it makes foraging easier, improves heat regulation, and provides valuable protection from predators. But what’s good for birds isn’t necessarily the case for people.

Why roosting is a big problem for humans.

Roosting Creates a Mess.

Popular roosting areas are quickly marred by unsightly streaks of salt-and-pepper trails of bird droppings. This evidence of communal roosting is impossible to ignore and may even destroy property value and hurt business.

Roosting Causes Damages.

Bird droppings left to sit in the sun will ruin cloth awnings, damage wood and paint, and eat through concrete, brick, or steel. But that’s not all; roosting birds can do significant damage to rooftop high-tech equipment such as antennas, satellite dishes, and solar panels. It certainly doesn’t do the equipment any favors when the birds stand on it and corrosive bird droppings can also short out electrical wires in almost no time at all.

Roosting Spreads Disease.

Birds carry over 60 diseases. Our avian friends can transmit to humans serious diseases such as histoplasmosis, candidiasis, cryptococcosis, salmonellosis, E. coli, and many others. Birds spread these diseases primarily through their droppings. But, if the droppings are on the roof and people don’t go up on the roof, how can they make anyone sick?

It’s a fair question. The answer is twofold. First, roof roosting means that there is a large bird presence in the area. This increases the likelihood of droppings all over the place, not just on the roof. This is why health inspectors can shut down any food-related facilities if they see evidence of roosting, even on the roof.

Second, when sun-dried droppings are disturbed, spores break off and float into the air. This fecal dust carries disease. One significant way that rooftop droppings become fecal dust is via HVAC units. Bird poop finds its way into in air ducts and vents, dries, becomes aerosolized, and then blows out from the HVAC system into homes and businesses. This phenomenon, often called Sick Building Syndrome, is very real. Airborne particles of fecal dust settle onto food and are then eaten, or they are simply breathed straight into the lungs. Either way, sickness is often the result.

It’s clear: whether the birds are roosting on the roof of a home or business, the behavior must be stopped.

Protect Your Rooftop Today

Bird B Gone is here to help all our customers solve their residential and commercial bird control problems. We offer a wide range of humane bird control solutions designed to meet a variety of bird challenges. If spikes did not spark an interest, Bird B Gone carries a alternative bird deterrents for roofs. Call us today to learn how we can help you keep birds from roosting on your roof.