Which Decoy is Best? Hawk vs. Owl

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Which Decoy is Best? Hawk vs. Owl

Posted on October 29, 2019 by Bird B Gone in bird b gone hawk decoy

Scaring birds away using a predator decoy is, by far, the simplest approach you can take to solving a nuisance bird problem that’s isolated to a relatively small, controlled area. 

Do Decoys Actually Work?

The simple answer is, yes. But it is important to understand when they work and for what birds they work well against. 

When: Decoys and other scare tactics work best as a preventative solution. Or when the problem is in the early stages, so catching the problem early is very important. 

small sparrow perching on ledge

What Birds: Hawk decoys and other visual scare products work best against small to medium sized birds. Smaller species of birds are always on the look out for potential predatory threats. Ready to flee the area when danger is detected. 

  • Large birds may not be as frightened by decoys

Visual bird deterrents, like predator decoys, activate a bird's sense of danger; birds have exceptional eyesight and are easily frightened. Decoys are life-sized models designed to realistically simulate the appearance of common predators. Decoys are inexpensive and simple to install and use, making them an ideal first-line solution for pest bird problems.

Which Decoy is Best? Hawk vs. Owl

Two commonly used predator decoys are the hawk and the owl. This raises the age-old question: 

Is the hawk or the owl more effective at scaring pest birds away? 

  • Experts concur that the hawk wins this epic battle hands down every time.

Why are Hawk Decoys better than owls?

Bird B Gone Red Tailed Hawk Decoy RTH1

The answer is pretty simple. Nuisance birds like pigeons, woodpeckers, starlings, and sparrows, cause trouble during the day when they are out and about. 

Conversely, owls are nocturnal; as a result, owls just aren’t as easily identifiable as a predator to daytime pest birds. Red-Tailed Hawks, however, do their hunting during the day. Your population of nuisance birds is universally terrified of hawks. Even baby birds recognize hawks as predators and know to stay away.

  • Hawks hunt during the day, when most pest birds are active
  • Owls hunt at night

Where should you place your Hawk Decoy?

The Red-Tailed Hawk Decoy from Bird B Gone is the finest hawk decoy available on the market today. This lifelike, menacing decoy is made from exceptionally durable plastic and is designed to withstand long-term outdoor use. 

  • Mount on rooftops, boat canvases, patios, fences, and other flat surfaces. 
  • Hang anywhere using the convenient loop at the top
  • Weigh down with sand and set in locations where nuisance birds want to congregate. 

This versatility makes it an ideal tool for protecting open outdoor spaces such as patiosdecksboatsawningsgardens, and more.

Bird B Gone Red Tailed Hawk Decoy installed on fence top

The Red-Tailed Hawk Decoy from Bird B Gone is an excellent bird control device for a number of different reasons, including the following:

  1. It’s economical. One hawk costs less than $20 to purchase and requires $0 to own and operate thereafter.
  2. It’s humane. The Red-Tailed Hawk does not hurt the birds in any way.
  3. It’s lifelike and menacing. This decoy genuinely looks like a hawk.
  4. It’s easy to install and use. This decoy can be mounted on flat surfaces, hung from a wire or rope, set in a tree, slid over a stake, or simply set down in almost any location.
  5. It’s universally scary. Small and large birds alike flee at the sight of the Red-Tailed Hawk.
  6. It’s effective. Hawks are a natural predator of nuisance birds. The visual presence of the hawk plus the mock predator eye and shiny reflective surface work together to frighten birds away.

Simply put, the Red-Tailed Hawk Decoy from Bird B Gone is the best decoy you will find. When birds see this hawk, they are sure to look for safety in other locations.

Keys to Success

The Red-Tailed Hawk is a highly effective decoy for deterring pest birds from settling on your property. To get the most from this product, use the following tips:

  • Remove all food and water sources that make it easy for birds to build their habitat.
  • Clean up droppings and remove nesting materials, as these attract more birds to the area.
  • Install the decoy in a strategic location, one that can be easily seen by interloping birds and is near a location where they like to gather.
  • Move the decoy frequently. Again, birds are smart and it won’t take them long to figure out your decoy means them no harm if the decoy never moves. Switch up the location once a week to remind the birds that a predator is near.

Alternatives to the Hawk Decoy

There are a number of other effective visual deterrents that you can use in place of the hawk decoy. We recommend reading the following blog which explains how and why visual deterrents scare small birds away.

Learn More: How Visual Bird Deterrents Keep Pest Birds Away

What Else Can You Do?

Your Red-Tailed Hawk Decoy is an excellent first step in an effective bird control program. However, your bird challenges may require a more layered approach to achieve true and lasting success. 

In fact, most effective bird control plans include a calculated combination of bird control solutions designed to tackle the problem from a variety of angles. This is why we have prepared resources designed to help narrow your search for the perfect solution. 

Depending on the bird species and where the bird problem is located, your plan of attack should also change. Use the following resources to find the best possible solution. 

Solutions by: Bird Species

Solutions by: Bird Problem

At Bird B Gone, we understand that effective bird control requires a tactical approach. The bird control experts at Bird B Gone will help you develop a bird control program that will keep your space safe from the contamination and damage that come with an infestation of pest birds.

Hawk perched on top of owl decoy

Trust the Industry Leader

Since 1992, Bird B Gone, Inc. has led the industry in developing innovative commercial and residential bird control solutions. Our devoted team of Bird Control Engineers has extensive experience in all aspects of bird control and is committed to supporting our customers with all their bird control needs.  The extensive variety of bird control solutions offered by Bird B Gone makes it possible to design a bird control strategy tailored to the needs of your commercial or personal properties and your budget. Contact us today to get expert advice on the Red-Tailed Hawk Decoy and all our other bird control products.