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Shop by Bird Problem allows you to select the area you are having problems with to find professionally recommended solutions. We understand that it can be a difficult process to find the right bird control product for your home or facility. This process cuts out the headache of potentially installing the wrong bird deterrents, saving valuable time and money. Each page will focus on a specific area of a building or property. These areas can range from the roof, eaves, and garden of your home to commercial areas such as loading dock canopies, entranceways, airports, and more.  

Education is the Key to Success 

Bird B Gone prides itself on educating customers on proper bird control. This means that we work with our customers to help diagnose the issue; where are the birds and what are they doing. These questions help narrow the search for the ideal bird deterrent product(s) to solve your pest bird issue. Some products are temporary solutions for seasonal birds, while other products are intended as permanent solutions for year-round bird control problems.  

Will One Product Solve Every Bird Problem?

The simple answer is no. Some products will serve multiple purposes but there is no product that will solve every single bird control problem. This makes the Shop by Bird Problem pages so important, they identify the best products for the problem you are facing. 

Covered Areas where Birds Like to Nest

Covered areas such as eaves, canopies, dryer vents, and solar panels provide ample protection from weather and predators. These areas naturally draw birds to nest, requiring exclusionary products. Exclusion means to physically block the birds from accessing the area, most commonly referring to netting or screening.

These will be the primary products of use in these areas. The reason exclusion is recommended for nesting areas is because birds have biological instincts to return to nesting sites. They will keep coming back unless they are physically excluded. 

Flat Open Areas Where Birds Roost and Sit

Now we will cover flat open areas such as rooftops, windowsills and other exposed ledges birds are drawn to perch on. Flat open ledges are attractive to birds because they provide perches to scout for food, water and predators. Although most pest birds do not nest on open ledges, they will sit and roost comfortably unless obstructed.

Ledge products such as bird spikes, bird wire, electric track, and gel products are used to discourage birds from these locations. 

Wide Open Areas where Birds Walk and Fly Freely

Lastly, we have wide open areas such as backyards, golf courses, airport runways, gardens and more. Products used for open areas such as these commonly target the birds’ senses such as site, sound, smell, and taste to irritate or scare the birds away. Sounds deterrents use audio recording to warn birds to leave the area.

Visual deterrents mimic predators, triggering the bird’s instincts to flee the site. Aromatic sent and taste repellents can be sprayed or hung in certain areas to irritate the bird’s mucous membrane, driving them out of the vicinity. 

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