Why Arent You Using these 3 Woodpecker Repellents to Save Your Siding?

Why Arent You Using these 3 Woodpecker Repellents to Save Your Siding?

Posted on May 22, 2014 by Alex Kecskes in Woodpecker Deterrents

They came last year, so you can bet they'll be back this year--woodpeckers. They left your nice wood siding and decorative beams looking like Swiss cheese. It wasn't pretty. But it was pretty expensive to replace the bullet-holed wood. If only you'd used a professional woodpecker repellent. But you're wiser now.

As you learned the hard way, woodpeckers love to drill into board-and-batten and tongue-and-groove siding. They peppered your eaves, window frames and trim boards with ugly holes. They got to your neighbors cedar and redwood siding. Another neighbor had his channeled plywood and cypress boards pot marked with holes. The pest birds came one or two at first, during the February through June breeding season. And they just kept drilling until their fellow woodpeckers joined them.

Last year, you tried noisemakers and blasts with a water hose. You thought about using poisons or pellet guns, but you read somewhere that woodpeckers are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This year, your neighbor told you about a bird control company that offers humane, effective woodpecker repellents a company called Bird-B-Gone. So now you have three ways to stop the little peckers.

3 Effective Woodpecker Repellent Methods You Should Be Using

1. Woodpecker Repellent Smells

Birds are irritated by methyl anthranilate, a food grade flavoring used in candy, buddle gum and perfumes. The grape smell irritates birds enough to drive them out of the area and woodpeckers are no exception. The good news is to people these bird repellent aromatics only smell like grapes, so there's no harm in using these repellents around the outside of your house. The effects of these repellents only irritate birds. Farmers have been using these humane repellents for years to protect their crops. 

2. Woodpecker Repellent Kit

Woodpeckers, like most pest birds, are jumpy and easily distracted. Bird-B-Gone's Woodpecker Repellent Kit fully exploits this nature. It includes a 50-foot roll of Flash Tape that you cut into hanging strips to snap in the breeze and reflect sunlight to intimidate woodpeckers. Also included is a beach ball-size Repeller Balloon covered with a giant intimidating predator eye. Both repellents should be moved around from time to time to convince these bird pests that they face a live threat.

3. BeakGuard Woodpecker Repellent

This elastomeric acrylic finish conveys a birds-off signal to woodpeckers to stay away from your siding. Bird-B-Gone's BeakGuard is harmless to birds, yet it protects latex-painted surfaces, wood, fiber-cement, stucco, aluminum, even vinyl. The tough BeakGuard finish resists dirt pick up and lasts through sun and rain. It covers surfaces with a vapor permeable, flexible membrane that retains its color. BeakGuard is easily applied with a brush, roller or ordinary sprayer. One gallon protects an area of about 180 square feet.

Bird-B-Gone is the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. The company provides advice, training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures.