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Stadiums - Sports Fields

Effective Bird Control for Stadiums & Sports Fields


Pest birds love to loiter around stadiums, sports fields and similar semi enclosed outdoor arenas. These venues offer plenty of lofty signage, light fixtures, displays and billboards where birds can roost or nest, free from predators. When birds get hungry, they have a virtual smorgasbord of food scraps to choose from, scraps left by patrons on and under benches and chairs, and in overflowing trash cans.


Problems with Bird Droppings

Birds nesting and roosting in rafters can quickly leave a mess of droppings in the bleachers and walkways below. These droppings must be promptly cleaned up for a number of important reasons. First, they create a visual distraction that will discourage patrons from returning to the venue. Second, bird droppings can carry any of 60 known diseases such as Salmonella, ecoli and West Nile virus, so the presence of this waste present a health hazard, especially where food is served and consumed. Third, wet bird droppings can create dangerous slip-and-fall hazards, a real possibility where people are stepping up and down, and moving in and out of their seats while being distracted by the event on the field (thus, a major liability for public venues like these).


Bird Damage

Pest birds can do considerable damage to stadiums and sports/athletic venues. Bird droppings and nesting debris can degrade and damage signage, lighting fixtures, security cameras and overhangs. The acidic nature of bird droppings can “eat” into and permanently damage steel, aluminum, vinyl, plastic and glass. Whether a local soccer field or Wrigley stadium, birds have been known to destroy sports fields by eating seeds. They have even swooped down on fans and interrupted live games.


Early Bird Tactics

Ideally, bird control measures should be installed before pest birds arrive. A proactive approach is the best way to prevent defacement and damage. The next best tactic is to deter birds as soon as they’re noticed. Wait too long and it becomes increasingly difficult to remove them.


Why Specify Bird B Gone

Bird B Gone products are specified by more architects and engineers than any other bird control products in the industry. They are easy to specify using our CAD details in two formats—DWG and PDF (if you need the file in a different format, let us know). We also offer our 3-part specifications to drop into your project specs.


Bird Controls to Match Your Need


Every bird problem is different. Bird B Gone can help you select the right bird deterrent based on the bird species, area where they are posing a problem, and whether or not the birds are nesting. Bird controls most often recommended for stadiums and sports/athletic venues include:


Stainless Steel Pigeon Spikes.  These areavailable in various splay widths to provide increasingly wider areas of protection for displays, billboards, lights and overhangs. The spiked strips feature a patented “bend-and-crush” design, which means the spikes are firmly embedded in an unbreakable UV-protected polycarbonate base. This flexible base bends a full 360 degrees, so it can easily “follow” a variety of shapes.


Bird Jolt Flat Track Kit. This low-profile, electric track system produces a harmless electric shock that “educates” pest birds to stay off horizontal surfaces.Lightweight and flexible, the track is easy to install—it bends 360° to wrap around signs, billboards and displays—without compromising its electrical integrity. It’s the only electric track bird deterrent system with patented anti-arcing and glue troughs designs for improved safety and performance. Available in six colors.


Bird Net 2000. Recommended for excluding pest birds from concession areas, overhangs and other semi-enclosed areas, Bird Net 2000 3/4” mesh netting creates a physical barrier that won’t allow birds to land or nest. The netting is easy to install using Bird B Gone’s complete line of professional grade installation hardware.


Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic. This device emits pre-recorded distress and predator calls that intimidate as many as 22 species of birds. The device is water resistant, programmable, and comes with a built-in speaker to cover up to an acre. Additional speakers can be added to cover up to 5 acres. Because it’s solar powered, no AC access is needed, so it can be where pest birds gather most often.


Expert Assistance

If you’re unsure about which product would work best for your specific situation, Bird B Gone has over 80 years of combined experience in the field of bird control. We can help you with product selection, installation and cleanup. Just call us at (888) 570-0360 for a catalog, pricing, or product samples or email us at We also work with a network of authorized installers, call today for a trained bird control professional in your area.