Electric Track Install Components

Condition Birds to Avoid Certain Areas

Every Item You Need for a Successful Electic Track Installation

Bird B Gone has all the components needed to install Electric Track systems


Choose from a direct charger or a solar powered electric track charger. We also offer a waterproof box that protects the direct charger from weather when installed outdoors.


Our testers are used with the Electric Track systems to test the systems' output voltage.

Snug Fit Connectors

Often Snug Fit Connectors (BJFT-SFC-10) need to be attached to connect two pieces of Flat Track.
Be sure to cut the end of the track as straight as possible for maximum effectiveness.


Occasionally you will need to install the track in a “T-style” connection. It is best to use Snug Fit
Connectors to create a simple connection.

And more!

Learn to Install Electric Track

Bird B Gone offers free training for all our products. Bird B Gone University teaches:

  • Site evaluation
  • Product selection
  • How to install products
  • Quoting bird jobs
  • How to hang netting
  • How to avoid problems
  • Troubleshooting
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