Window Alerts Decals (4/pk)


Window Alerts are static cling decals that are placed on windows and glass surfaces to prevent bird window strikes. If birds are unintentionally flying into your windows, the Window Alert Decals are a humane way to prevent this activity. These bird window stickers are discrete and highly effective deterrents. Decals reflect ultraviolet light, making them invisible to people and highly noticeable to birds. 

  • Decals reflect UV light 
  • Help birds identify where windows are located
  • Prevent birds from flying into windows full speed
  • 4/pk

Was: $9.99
Now: $9.08

The Window Alerts come 4 per pack. Window Alerts reflect ultraviolet light; when you place the decals around a window, birds will see the ultraviolet light and know there is indeed a surface.

Window Alert Decals are the ideal way to prevent birds from accidentally striking windows and harming themselves. 

Ideal for

  • Windows and glass surfaces

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