Live Bird Traps

Efficient and Effective Systems for Live Bird Trapping

How Live Bird Traps Work

Bird B Gone catch and release bird traps consist of wire trap cages that lure pest birds in with a little bird feed. The pigeon traps have a funnel door that permits birds to enter but not escape. After the bird enters the trap, you can release the birds to the open country or wilderness area. An easy-access door on top of the cage lets you conveniently remove the bird or birds (depending on the trap).

Live Bird Trapping: A Humane Alternative

Bird B Gone’s live bird traps provide a humane alternative to poisons, pellet guns or other lethal means of bird control. The traps can be used indoors or out to control most species of birds. Returning and releasing a bird to its natural habitat without injuring it provides a certain level of satisfaction. If you have neither the time nor expertise to install traditional bird control devices or bird deterrents, catch and release bird trapping offers an ideal bird control solution.

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