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Bird Repellents

  • Infographic: Solar Panels and birds

    Solar Panels and Birds

    Solar Panels are Vulnerable to Birds/Critters

    Residential solar panels offer pest birds protection from overhead flying predators, rain, snow and extreme rooftop temperatures.

    Even a small array of 20 to 30 solar panels can offer nesting sites for a dozen pairs of pigeons, which can then double or triple annually.

    Rooftop solar panels are highly vulnerable to damage by birds and critters, causing damage to both panels and wiring.

    Highly acidic bird droppings on panels can damage surfaces and reduce panel efficiency.

    Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Seals Out Birds/Critters

    Bird B Gone’s Solar Panel Bird Deterrent blocks out birds and critters with a PVC black-coated 1/2" mesh.

    The Solar Panel Bird Deterrent is secured to PV panels with special panel clips (sold separately) that won’t damage or scratch the solar panels. Continue reading

  • Bird Repellents and Deterrents to Keep Summertime Fun

    tomato_plantsSummertime is fun time.  Vacations are planned.  There is a lot of swimming going on.  Many people anticipating their backyard barbeque parties with family and friends.  The tomatoes in the garden are starting to ripen into juicy and sweet salad fixings.  Peaches are ripening for cobblers and pies.  Summer zucchini is so prolific that you are giving them away to neighbors.  This is the scenario if there are bird repellents in place. Continue reading

  • Types of Garden Bird Repellent Devices

    sonic bird repellerThere can be many different types of pests in the garden. There is white mold and bacterial wilt that can ruin a garden, and there are worms that can get into the tomatoes. Aphids are another common type of pest. The Aphids come in many shapes, sizes and colors. They suck the juices from whatever plant they are on. Small mammals and small and large pest birds also love to destroy gardens. Thankfully, there are different types of bird repellent devices that will get rid of the pest birds and the small mammals that are very cost effective. Continue reading

  • Pest Birds Defacing Your Store Front? Time for Bird Repellents!

    bird repellentsIf you own a retail store, youve undoubtedly had pest bird problems. They gather and perch on your signage, parapet walls, canopies, awnings and other architectural nooks and crannies. When they do, bird pests can cause considerable damage and defacement. Bird droppings trailing down your storefront can negatively impact your image, turning away customers. Droppings and nesting debris can also deface and damage your signage. In some cases the nesting materials can ignite a fire in the signage. No matter how you look at it, if you dont regard birds as pests, youre in for some costly cleanups and repairs.

    Now theres a proven bird repellent solution retailers can use to scare birds from their storefronts. Its called Bird Jolt Flat Track. Continue reading

  • The Bird Repellent Gel That Gives Pest Birds the Creeps

    bird repellent gelIf youve got pest birdslike pigeons, crows or gullsflocking to your patio cover, rooftop or garage, they can become a real nuisance. Their droppings, nests, feathers and debris can pose a major challenge. Bird droppings are not only unsightly but, left to gather, can eat into and damage most surfacesincluding stone. Bird droppings can also contain any of 60 infectious diseases. You cant scare birds with water hoses, pellet guns, firecrackers or even poisons. Only professional level bird repellents will get the job done. And do so humanely. One product you should consider is bird repellent gel. Continue reading

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