Easy to Use Bird Deterrents for Gardens

Easy to Use Bird Deterrents for Gardens

Posted on September 10, 2015 by Kathy Fritsch in Bird Deterrents

Backyard birds turn into pest bird status quickly.  Pest birds damage structures including roofs, wood, paint, canvas and the backyard garden.  Bird droppings permanently stain the paint, roofs and wood.  They corrode almost everything they land on.  Bird droppings are not just unpleasant, but caustic and hazardous to one’s health.  There are over 60 known that can be transmitted to humans by way of the bird’s droppings. 

It takes ingenuity to scare the pest birds out of the backyard garden.  It takes more than waiving a broom around in the backyard.  Bird deterrents need to be implemented to get rid of the pest birds from the property.  Bird deterrents for gardens will discourage the pest birds from roosting and nesting.  It will stop them from destroying the garden.

Bird scare deterrents that frighten birds away are a good method to start with.  There are diverters that are reflective when the sun hits the surface.  The teardrop-shaped scare diverters have a design on the surface.  The design is a predator marking.  The birds will believe they are looking into a predator’s eye.  The effect will be the birds flying away.  Their natural instinct will be to flee the area.  Use deterrents in fruit trees, patios, and sides of homes, gazebos and overhangs.

Another bird deterrent for gardens is flash tape.  It is simple to use.  The iridescent red material glimmers in the sun and moves slightly in the breeze. The movement confuses and disorientates the birds.  It also makes a crinkling sound in the breeze that the birds do not like.  They hang in trees.  They are secured to homes, carports, barns, on poles surrounding a garden. They can be used on boats and boat docks.  It can be effortlessly secured to any area where the pest bird congregates.

Other bird scare devices can be equally as effective.  There are scare balloons.  The balloons have markings that the bird believes to be a reflective predator’s eye.  Balloons can hang in trees or around the patio.  The balloon can float around in a hot tub or pool to deter the pest birds from the water source.

Transparent bird gel will keep birds off any horizontal surface including ledges and rooflines.  The birds will not want the sticky substance on their feet.  It is a main irritant to them.  It is completely safe for all animals and humans.  It can last up to 6 months outdoors in all kinds of weather.  It is quick and easy to caulk on the flat surfaces.  The gel will be immediately effective against the pest bird.

Plastic bird deterrent spikes are another bird deterrent method.  They will keep the birds from roosting and landing near your home.  The bird spikes are virtually invisible from the ground.  Bird spikes come in a variety of colors to match the area they are applied to.  They come in two-foot sections.  The spikes are installed quite easily with either an adhesive or screws.  They are simple to install around rooftops, windowsills and fences.


Bird control products in the back yard will be bird deterrents for gardens.  When kept off the roof, they will not have a view of the garden.  The same is true when deterred from trees.  Reflective scare bird deterrents in the backyard will keep the birds away.