Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Bird Spike Strips

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Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Bird Spike Strips

Posted on December 28, 2020 by Bird B Gone in Bird Spike Strips

In this blog, we’ve condensed our Bird Control Team’s expert knowledge on  Bird Spike Strips. Everything from what they are, where they’re most effective, their advantages, and how to choose the right deterrent for your bird problem.

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Bird Spike Strips are Here to Help.

Large, uncontrolled populations of roosting birds can be a nightmare. Popular avian roosting areas are marked by unsightly streaks of salt and pepper droppings. Not only do these areas look bad, but significant accumulations of bird droppings will actually damage wood, stain fabrics, corrode metal, concrete, and stone, and short out electrical equipment.

If your home or business has been selected as a communal roosting area by neighborhood birds, you can’t afford to let the behavior continue. You need to take decisive action to make your property less hospitable to feathered visitors.

Bird Spike to the Rescue

What are Spike Strips?

Physical barriers to roosting are an effective way to protect your property and Bird Spike Strips from Bird B Gone are an excellent option. Bird spikes have been in use for well over 50 years as a simple way to prevent birds of all kinds from roosting on narrow horizontal surfaces such as ledges, sills, pipes, chimneys, signs, gutters, and more. A bird spike strip has multiple rows of thin, vertical, metal or plastic spikes set into a base at varying angles.

Humane? You Bet They Are!

The spikes are always dull and never sharp; bird spike strips are 100% humane and will never harm birds in any way. Contact with the spikes is uncomfortable to be sure, but never painful or harmful. The purpose of the spikes is to block the birds’ feet from making contact with the flat surface below the strip; if the birds’ feet can’t get a foothold, they can’t roost and they’ll move on to some place else.

Simple Yet Cost-Effective

Bird spike strips come in 2-foot sections and are available in varying widths and configurations for different applications. No special tools are required for assembly or installation. No other bird control device can compete with bird spike strips in terms of cost effectiveness; for comparatively little investment up front, you get years of maintenance-free bird control.

Where are Bird Spike Strips Effective?

Bird spikes can be used in most any exposed, reasonably narrow, horizontal location. Multiple rows of strips can be placed side by side for areas that are greater than 8” wide, giving you lots of options for achieving optimal protection.  Plastic spikes are rigid and must be used on completely horizontal surfaces, but Stainless-Steel Spikes are mounted in a flexible base that can bend up to 360 degrees, making them perfect for any location that features a gentle curve. Bird spike strips can be used to protect the following:

  • Roofs
  • Parapets
  • Special architectural features
  • Signs
  • A/C units
  • Fences
  • Statues
  • Lamp posts
  • Windowsills
  • Pipes
  • Railings
  • Chimney tops
  • Awnings
  • Eaves
  • Boats
  • and many others!

In addition, Bird B Gone offers Gutter Spikes and Girder Spikes specially designed to offer outstanding bird protecting in these challenging locations.

Residential and commercial applications alike benefit from the long-lasting protection offered by bird spike strips. Bird spikes don’t require professional installation and are an effective physical barrier to bird roosting for anyone who is having a bird problem.

What are the Advantages of Bird Spike?

Bird Spike Strips offer a number of significant advantages:

  1. Installation is easy. Strips can be permanently installed using construction adhesive or screws or they can be temporarily mounted with the help of zip ties. Spikes come preassembled in 1- or 2-foot strips that are pre-notched so no special tools are required to adjust the length. Plus, anyone can install bird spike strips; installation is comfortably within the skills of any DIYer.
  2. Permanent installations require almost no maintenance. Bird spike strips provide low-maintenance protection for years and years. Our quality strips are constructed to weather harsh, changing conditions and come with long product warranties.
  3. Little visual presence. Bird spike strips are minimally visible, especially from a distance, and will never interfere with electrical or communication transmissions.
  4. Totally humane. The spikes have dull, harmless tips and are just a bit flexible. As a result, birds that try to land on the spikes get a gentle prodding on the backside and their feet are unable to reach the surface but are never harmed or injured.
  5. Spike strips are effective. Experts agree, correctly installed bird spikes are extremely effective at deterring roosting birds.

How Do You Choose the Right Spike Strips?

Choose the right material:

Bird spikes are available in plastic and stainless steel. Both options feature a UV-resistant polycarbonate plastic base. Each system is effective, durable, weather resistant, and easy to install. The differences are that stainless steel spikes carry a higher upfront cost, a longer warranty, and have a lower visual impact than plastic. While plastic spikes are thicker and are somewhat more visible, they do come in a variety of colors to improve their camouflage.

Choose the right width:

Choosing the right width is perhaps the most critical decision. Birds are smart and they will find a way to get around improperly installed spikes. To be successful, spikes need to hang over the edge by ½” and be within 1” of any walls. Plastic and stainless-steel spikes are available in different widths to help you get the coverage you need and strips are also easily placed in multiple rows when necessary. The bird control experts at Bird B Gone can assist you with any questions you have about purchasing the best width for you space.

Choose the right spike length:

Spike length refers to the length of each protruding spike. To be effective, spikes need to be longer than the birds’ legs. Standard spikes are 5” long, which is sufficient to block most average size birds, but Bird B Gone also offers a mega stainless-steel spike that is 7” long to keep bigger birds away.

Bird Spike Strip Products from Bird B Gone

Bird B Gone offers five outstanding options.

  • Bird Spike 2000 Polycarbonate Bird Spikes. These high-quality, rigid plastic bird spikes come in 3”, 5”, and 7” widths and in six different colors.
  • Bird Spike 2001 Stainless Steel Bird Spikes. Our #1, best-selling spike strip is available in 1’ and 2’ lengths and in 1”, 3”, 5”, and 8” widths. It’s flexible to 360 degrees to fit flat and curved surfaces.
  • Mega Bird Spikes. This heavy-duty product has 7” spikes. Mega spike strips come in 2’ lengths and are wide enough to protect a 5” ledge.
  • Gutter Bird Spikes. Our stainless-steel Gutter Bird Spike Strips are designed to deter birds from roosting or nesting in gutters. Each strip is equipped with “c” clamps along the base that can be easily tightened by hand for a quick, DIY installation.
  • Girder Spikes. Stainless steel Girder Spikes are easily mounted on girders up to 1” thick without the need for separate hardware or clips. Two-foot sections are sold in three widths (3”, 5” & 8”).

Bird B Gone Has the Solutions for All Your Bird Problems

Bird B Gone’s mission is to help our customers find effective solutions to vexing bird control problems. Bird spike strips are an excellent, time-tested tool for deterring pest birds from roosting, thus preventing costly damage. Call and talk to our team of bird control experts today to learn more about our selection of bird spikes and how you can use them to protect your property.