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Garden Bird Netting

  • 17 Year Cicadas are Emerging on the East Coast

    17 Year Emerging CicadaYou go outside to start the barbecue, hear a loud and consistent buzzing and realize that it’s that time of year again—the cicadas are out. This year, however, is different for residents of Maryland, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia who will experience a whole new kind of cicada emergence. This spring of 2016, Brood V, a group of 17-year cicadas will emerge once the soil eight inches under the ground reaches 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Often, a warm rain will trigger the emergence of these pests. When they emerge, there will be millions of cicadas hunting for food all at once. And with that emergence comes a lot of terror for your trees and plants that offer cicadas food. If you are wondering more about the emergence of Brood V of cicadas, here’s more information about why and how you can prevent the damage to your trees and plants. Continue reading

  • How to keep small birds from eating your garden

    garden netting for fruit treesSmall birds such as the sparrow and Common Starling will cause big problems in your garden and around your property if you do not deter them appropriately. You may have heard that bird spikes are an excellent bird deterrent method for home and business, but you may not know that the spikes are a fantastic method, when big birds are an issue. Bird spikes are a superior form of bird control for pigeons, gulls, crows and other large birds. Smaller birds, however, are deterred differently. Continue reading

  • Bird Netting keeps birds out of your garden

    garden nettingHungry birds will be after your garden if there is no deterrent in place. Strawberries and blueberries especially need protection from the nuisance fowl. Backyard berries should be enjoyed from early summer all the way through late fall. Homegrown fruits and vegetables are so rewarding and usually taste so much better than store bought. They can ripen on the vine and be picked an eaten right away. That is, unless the birds get to the goods before they can be picked. Continue reading

  • How to Safely and Humanely Get Rid of Birds

    bird netting for gardensA plan to get rid of birds that are interfering with your garden and around your property whether it is residential or business does not need to be hurtful to the pest birds.  Birds only do what nature intended them to do.  Survive by hiding away from their predators, foraging for food and proliferation.  A home garden is an ideal source of food for the birds and other pests.  Continue reading

  • Keep Birds Away from Your Garden with Bird Netting

    You may not immediately think of birds when you consider pest control issues; however, these feathered pests can cause serious damage, particularly in areas with abundant foliage. Some aggressive birds, like blackbirds, prefer crops for their food, and have been known to destroy millions of tons of crops.

    The Bird Question

    Just as significantly, birds can pose health risks to humans when they infest human-inhabited areas. Contact with the birds or their droppings can lead to serious, even potentially fatal, diseases in adults, children, and household pets. These seemingly benign animals can wreak more havoc than their appearance would indicate and it is important to keep them away without exterminating them. Continue reading

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