How to Keep Birds Away (5 Visual Deterrents that Scare Birds Away)

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How to Keep Birds Away (5 Visual Deterrents that Scare Birds Away)

Posted on April 9, 2021 by Bird B Gone in Visual Bird Deterrents

Visual bird deterrents are generally how to keep birds away and is in general, the easiest way to scare birds away. They are extremely accessible and simple to use, making them the first line of defense for new bird problems. 

If you have a severe bird problem or just don't like the look of visual deterrents, Bird B Gone has a wide selection of commercial grade bird repellents and deterrents available to choose from. 

In this blog we will cover the following: 

  1. What attracts birds 
  2. Why they are unhealthy to have around
  3. Do visual deterrents work to scare birds away
  4. Benefits of using scare tactics for birds
  5. Five Best visual deterrents to use at your house

What Attracts Birds? 

Food, water, and shelter are the three main reasons birds will be attracted to an area. If you consistently leave scraps of food around your patio table, leave pet food and water trays unattended, or have a garden full of ripened fruits you are most likely reading this blog to find easy solutions to keep those pest birds away. 

Your house unintentionally provides shelter for birds to nest and roost on. The eaves of your housepatio furnitureshaded awningssolar panels and more are perfect for small to medium sized birds to take roost in. 

Why are Birds Unhealthy to Have Around? 

Birds do not care where their droppings fall. Homeowners, more often than not, find themselves cleaning up bird droppings from patio furniture, railings, bar-b-ques and fences and posts around their property. Nesting materials also clog the rain gutters. The spa and pool become a bird’s bathing area and they contaminate the water.

It is important to keep birds away from your property. Bird droppings are not only unsightly and messy but can also pose as a health hazard. Droppings harbor over 60 transmittable diseases; nests attract mites, bed bugs and in most cases cause mold to take over.

How to Keep Birds Away With Bird Reflectors?

Thankfully, there are cost effective solutions to all these pest bird problems. Visual deterrents, otherwise known as bird reflectors, are a great first step in getting rid of the birds from the property.

These products are low cost, easy to install and most of the time work immediately after installing. Visual deterrents work by mimicking predator species, incorporating reflective surfaces, vibrant colors and movement to scare away pest birds. Visual bird deterrents work extremely well against small bird species, activating their instincts to flee the area when danger is detected.

Visual Bird Deterrent key Features and Benefits 

  1. Low cost, first line of defense
  • Easy to set up and remove
  • Fast immediate results
  • Mimics predators to scare birds

5 Popular Visual Deterrents to Scare Birds Away

The following 5 products can be found in the Visual Bird Deterrent section of Bird B Gone’s bird control products. These easy home DIY solutions are require little to know experience installing. 

1) Reflect-A-Bird

Bird B Gone Reflect-A-Bird visual deterrent

The Reflect-a-Bird is a silent wind-powered spinning visual bird deterrent that effectively scares birds away. The Reflect-a-Bird's mirror-like finish uses sunlight and wind to create a distraction zone that confuses pest-birds causing them to flee the area. The weatherproof aluminum and plastic construction make this bird deterrent ideal for outdoor use. The Reflect-a-Bird has an angled neck that can be adjusted up to 90 degrees. The base of the unit has four screws holes, allowing the Reflect-a-Bird to be mounted on rooftops, sidewalls, under eves, and in various other locations.

Product Highlights:

  • Durable weatherproof aluminum & plastic construction
  • Wind powered bird reflector
  • Adjustable neck bends 90 degrees
  • Mount on rooftops, sidewalls, under eves, and in various other locations

2) Scare Eye Diverters 

Scare Eye Diverters 5 pack

Scare Eye Diverters are a type of visual bird deterrent. These deterrents are teardrop-shaped hanging bird deterrents that have the feature of a predator eye on its reflective surface. Movement of the diverters causes a visual disturbance that scares birds away, fight or flight. The birds will instinctually fly away to another location they perceive as safe. The scare diverters have a swivel attachment that can be added to its effectiveness. The swivel attachment allows the diverters to rotate 360 degrees. More movement equals more distress for the birds. The diverters can be hung in trees, sides of the home, patios, eaves, gazebos, overhangs and boats.

Product Highlights

  • Discrete teardrop shape reflective surface
  • Swivel attachment to hang
  • For trees, eves, sidewalls, patios, boats and more
  • Available in a 5 pack

3) Scare Balloon 

Bird B Gone Scare Eye Balloon visual bird deterrent

Scare Eye Balloonsare also an inexpensive visual bird deterrent that can be put into use immediately. They, too, have a shiny reflective surface with a predator eye design. The balloons also feature bright colors. The design and reflective surface works together to frighten and confuse the birds. The scare balloons can be hung in a lot of the same areas as the scare diverters. The balloons can also be partially filled with water and allowed to float in the pool or hot tub to keep the birds from using your pool or hot tub as their bird bath.

Product Highlights

  • Bright yellow with predator eye
  • Inflates to approximately 18” diameter
  • Hang from eves, trees, sidewalls, patios
  • Float in pools or hot tubs

4) Holographic Flash Tape

Bird B Gone Holographic Flash Tape roll of 150 feet by 2 inches wide

Holographic Flash Tape is the simplest and most cost-effective bird control method you can buy. It is designed from commercial-grade Mylar. The tape is highly reflective and shiny and will cause a visual disturbance that scares the birds away. The flash tape also moves in the breeze, and makes a crinkling sound which also scares and annoys the birds. The flash tape is a tape that is 150’ x 2” roll. The tape can be cut down and attached to branches, vines, plants, trellises, sprinkler risers and other visible and elevated structures.

Product Highlights

  • Cost-effective
  • Highly reflective
  • Hang from trees, vines, trellises, eves, patios and more
  • Roll size of 150’ 

5) Scare Bird Garden Stakes

Bird B Gone Yellow Scare Bird Garden Stakes visual deterrents pack

Scare Bird Garden Stakes are shaped like a sunflower. This visual bird control method is an effective way to keep birds out of the garden. This unique garden stake has iridescent foil predator eye trigger in the center of the flower. The stakes are effective because in the center of the sunflower is a strip of reflective material. They center of the flowers look like seeds, but the bird sees a predator’s eye looking back at them. They are made of durable plastic and they are specifically designed for outdoor use. You merely take the 6 reflective scare bird garden stakes out of the package and place them 1 to 2 feet apart through the garden area. It is best to alternate the heights of the stakes. This is a very cost effective means and a great first protection against the birds invading your garden.

Product Highlights

  • Bright Yellow with iridescent foil predator eye
  • Made from durable plastic for outdoor use
  • Ideal for gardens and backyards
  • Available in pack of 6 garden stakes 

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When using visual bird deterrents, it is important to move them around every so often so that the birds do not get too use to the one type of visual deterrent. Physical and sound deterrents can also be added to the environment to create a bird free home.