EcoBird® 4.0


EcoBird® 4.0 was developed as a non-hazardous bird repellent, made from food-grade materials, which may be used to effectively remove birds from indoor and outdoor environments.  EcoBird® 4.0 is designed for use with professional fogging equipment that deploys a light fog or haze.  The active ingredient in EcoBird® 4.0 irritates a bird’s mucous membranes.  Birds find the sensation unpleasant and will subsequently avoid the area.  The effect is temporary and will not harm birds.



Bird Species
Pigeons, geese, grackle, starlings, dove, blackbirds, swallows, seagulls, water fowl and many other birds
Where to Use
Airport hangars, warehouses, semi-enclosed areas, docks, grain storage & manufacturing facilities, parking facilities, power plants & factories, golf courses parks, lawns, crops, trees, shrubs, landfills
Active Ingredient
40% Methyl Anthranilate

Features and Benefits

  • EPA approved: safe for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Non-hazardous bird repellent made from food-grade materials
  • Utilizes 40% active ingredient, Methyl Anthranilate
  • Does not harm birds, people, or pets
  • Ecological and economical
  • For use with mechanical spraying & fogging equipment
  • For indoor fogging use:  undiluted at a rate not to exceed one (1) fl. ounce per 10,000 cubic ft.
  • For outdoor fogging use:  undiluted at a rate of 6-8 fl. oz. per acre
  • For outdoor non-fogging applications (e.g. landfills, & non-fish bearing bodies of water)  apply at undiluted at a rate of 2.5 gallons per acre (8 lbs.a.i. per acre).

Idea for use in:

  • Airport hangers
  • Warehouses
  • Semi-enclosed docks
  • Grain storage & manufacturing facilities
  • Parking facilities
  • Power plants & factories
  • Golf courses
  • Parks, lawns
  • Crops, trees, shrubs
  • Landfills

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