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Tennessee Bird Control

How to Get Rid of Pest Birds in Tennessee


The Volunteer Statehas a number of troublesome pest bird problems.


Each spring, thousands of European starlings nest in the neighborhoods, parks and cities in and around Nashville. The troublesome birds nest almost daily in exhaust vents and attics around Antioch and Madison. Starlings even add to earlier nests, which can ultimately reach 3-4 feet high in attics. In East Tennessee, continuous starling droppings affect the water supply, which poses serious health problems. Histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease linked with poultry, can also be transferred to humans by starlings flocking in large numbers. The birds will feed on many plants, and the large, aggressive winter flocks can impact the state’s agriculture.


Pigeons are creating potential problems at Nashville’s Hermitage Electric Service (NES) Substation. The substation provides electricity for a third of downtown Nashville, as well as the Pennington Bend and Watkins Park substations. While the growing numbers of birds at the substation haven’t led to any recent power outages, the potential is there.


Tennessee bird control


Here’s what the bird control experts at Bird B Gone recommend to solve Tennessee’sbird problems:


For European Starlings


The Bird-Hazing System releases a light
haze of methyl anthranilate, a non-toxic, EPA approved food-grade ingredient that irritates a bird’s mucous membranes. The repellent effect is only temporary and will not injure birds.


For Pigeons


The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic broadcasts distress and predator calls that intimidate pigeons and other birds. And unlike ultrasonic devices, the Bird Chase device emits sounds birds can actually hear. Being solar powered means the device can easily placed wherever birds flock.


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