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No Nasty Nest Swallow and Bat Deterrent


We are in the process of making improvements to this product. It will return to inventory in April, 2019. To locate the best bat or swallow deterrent for your situations, call us at 800-392-6915.



No Nasty Nest is a light weight, easy to install deterrent used to prevent swallows from making mud nests. Each strip of No Nasty Nest has a self adhering back used for fast application on eaves, gables entry ways and other areas. Each No Nest Nest pack contains (2) 1 ft. strips.


How No Nasty Nest Works:

The hanging "twine" blocks birds access to nesting sites. Birds won't want to wade through the strips, and will move on to a better spot to nest.


get rid of swallows

No Nasty Nest is Ideal for:


♦  Eaves
♦  Overhangs
♦  Gables

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