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Goose Control Products

goose repellentsIf you own or manage commercial property, like a golf course, industrial park or common area greenbelt, you may have had a run in with pest geese. You and your maintenance crew have had to deal with mounds of messy, smelly goose droppings on lawns, gardens and walkways. In addition, your landscape team may have been tied up replanting flowers and plants that geese have either trampled on or eaten. And because goose droppings often carry diseases, you’ve had to drain and clean ponds and other decorative water features on your property. In short, geese have created a costly and time-consuming problem for you.

Getting Rid of Geese Isn’t Easy

In your frustration with these large, troublesome birds, you may have tried homegrown methods or simple scare tactics to get rid of them. To your dismay, the geese have returned and often in greater numbers. You’ve been tempted to use lethal means, but you’ve learned that these measures are illegal, since geese are a protected bird species. The only real solution to your goose problem is to call in professionals—bird control experts—like the pros at Bird B Gone. They’ve honed bird control to a science, offering humane and effective goose repellents to keep geese off commercial property.

Here’s what they recommend: