Product Specifications

Why Specify Bird-B-Gone Products?


bird spikesWe Manufacture the Highest Quality Products in the U.S.A.!


We manufacture our own products in the U.S.A, ensuring the highest quality products, with the longest guarantees at the lowest prices.

All Bird-B-Gone products go through an extensive quality control process before they leave our warehouse.

We are the only company to test our Bird Netting to ISO 1806 protocols to ensure strength and durability.


    When you use Bird-B-Gone products...you don't have to worry about quality, durability, effectiveness or integrity.
    Personalized Assistance

    Our engineers are ready to help you specify and use the right products for your unique project.
    Just call us at (800) 392-6915 for a Catalog, Pricing, or Product Samples or email us at nobirds@birdbgone.com.


    3-Part Architectural Specifications:

    Bird-B-Gone Spike Stainless SteelPDFWord DOC

    Bird-B-Gone Spike PolycarbonatePDFWord DOC

    Bird Jolt Flat TrackPDFWord DOC

    Shock Track for BirdsPDFWord DOC

    Bird NettingPDFWord DOC

    Bird WirePDFWord DOC

    Bird SlopePDFWord DOC


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