New Mexico Bird Control

Solving Pest Bird Problems in New Mexico

New Mexico Bird Control

The Land of Enchantment has several birds that have been causing problems throughout the state. The house sparrow is almost everywhere in New Mexico. The aggressive, adaptable bird nests in or around man made structures, such as building vents and window ledges. Sparrows are also grain eaters, but have adapted to feed at garbage cans.

Starlings are aggressive, adaptable and often found in urban and suburban areas. The birds nest in holes or cavities in buildings, and they prefer to eat seeds and fruits.

Pigeons pollute much of the water that washes into the Rio Grande every time it rains. One of the most significant pollutants pigeons bring to the area is "avian E. coli" — bacteria found in bird poop. A flood control authority study noted that a percentage of pigeon droppings can cause serious illness in humans. And while they are all over Albuquerque, they seem to love the area’s flood control channels. A flock of over 100 pigeons was seen roosting on ledges beneath the bridges that carry Interstate 40 and other roadways across the concrete flood control channels. Pigeons also loiter in large flocks around farms, grain elevators, feed mills, parks, city buildings, bridges and other structures. They feed on grain, seed, garbage, and food scraps left by people.

Here’s what the bird control experts at Bird B Gone recommend for solving New Mexico’s bird problems:

For Starlings & House Sparrows

The Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic device broadcasts distress and predator calls that intimidate 22 different species of birds. And unlike ultrasonic devices, the Bird Chase device emits sounds birds can hear.

For Pigeons

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes won’t allow birds to land. Available in 1-, 3-, 5- and 8-inch splay widths, the spiked strips provide increasingly wider areas of protection. These spikes come with a 10-year guarantee.

Bird B Gone offers the largest network of authorized bird control installers in the Nation. We have installers in every state that have been trained on all aspects of bird control, from bird behavior to which products to use for your particular bird problem. Bird B Gone Authorized Product Installers have successfully completed our rigorous training at Bird B Gone University and are certified to install our professional grade bird deterrents.

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