Got Pest Birds? Scare them Away with Visual Bird Deterrents!

Got Pest Birds? Scare them Away with Visual Bird Deterrents!

Posted on June 28, 2014 by Alex Kecskes in Visual Bird Deterrents

Are pest birds eating the fruits and berries in your garden? Are they pooping all over your property and pool? If so, the bird control pros at Bird B Gone have a few suggestions. These come in the form of inexpensive visual bird deterrents. Used properly, they can discourage bird pests from flocking to your property.

Red-Tail Hawk Decoys

Pest birds are always on guard for predators. Some species even post lookouts to warn their fellow birds of imminent danger. To exploit this natural fear, you can use Bird B Gone's realistic looking hawk decoys (most birds fear hawks as their natural enemy). These visual bird deterrents are both attractive and effective. Hawks hunt during the day when most birds are active, so using hawk decoys beats using owl decoys (owls hunt at night when most birds are fast asleep). The key in choosing the best hawk decoy is to get the most realistic looking replica you can afford. Birds are not as dumb as they look and won't be fooled by poorly made imitations. Bird B Gone hawk decoys are made of heavy duty plastic to last for years in sun and rain.

Coyote Decoys

If youve got geese and ducks eating your plants and pooping all over, invest in some Bird B Gone Coyote Decoys. These realistic looking free-standing decoys create an effective visual deterrent whose mere presence will intimidate ducks, geese and other large birds. Ideal for use in outdoor spaces such as backyards, docks and pool areas,each decoy is constructed of a weather-resistant durable plastic. Each decoy pack comes with two Coyote Decoys, four metal rods, and four brackets for upright installation.

Flash Tape

Flash tape is simple but surprisingly effective, this iridescent foil tape crackles in the breeze and reflects sunlight to scare birds away. Birds hear sounds 10 times faster than we do, so the crackling noise makes them too nervous to stay. And the mirrored red-and-silver surface bounces sunlight, which convinces pest birds there may be a fire nearby. The tape comes in 50-foot rolls, which you can easily cut into short 10-inch strips with scissors. The strips are easily attached to branches and lofty areas wherever bird pests tend to flock.

Bird Scare Balloons & Scare Eye Diverters

Bird B Gone's inflatable beach-ball size Bird Scare Balloon features a large, mock predator eye to scare birds. Sporting an equally intimidating predator eye is the tear-drop-shaped Scare Eye Diverter. When these deterrents twist and bob in the breeze, they are perceived as life-like predators.

For best deterrent results, Bird B Gone recommends you move visual bird deterrents around from time to time to convince pest birds that these deterrents represent a real threat.

Bird B Gone is the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. The company provides advice, training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures.