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Visual Bird Deterrents

  • How to use bird deterrent lasers to keep birds away

    Agrilaser-Autonomic-2Pest birds in open and semi-open spaces have long posed a costly problem to property owners and managers. While propane cannons can scatter birds, they can also be disruptive and must be repeated often to keep birds from coming back. Lethal means of bird control—poisons, pellet guns and inhumane traps—are illegal in many areas, as many birds are protected by law. The bird control pros at Bird B Gone offer a number of bird deterrent lasers that are humane and highly effective. Here’s how to use them: Continue reading

  • How Visual Bird Deterrents Keep Pest Birds Away

    Bird B G one HawkBoat owners are in constant battle with the birds. Birds love the high areas of a boat to perch. The birds do not care where their droppings fall. Homeowners, more often than not, find themselves cleaning off the bird droppings from the patio furniture, railings, bar-b-ques and fences and posts around their property. Nesting materials also clog the rain gutters. The spa and pool become a bird’s bathing area and they contaminate the water. It is important to keep birds away from your property. The bird’s droppings are unsightly and messy and they are a health hazard as well. The droppings harbor over 60 transmittable diseases and nests with the droppings also attract mites, bed bugs and mold. Continue reading

  • Bird Control Lasers - The latest in bird control technology

    Agrilaser HandheldCommercial/municipal facilities, airports and farms have long had a problem with pest birds. Besides being disruptive and destructive, birds leave droppings that deface and damage property. These droppings also pose a health hazard, as they can carry any of 60 known diseases. At airports, birds have forced aircraft into emergency landings. Continue reading

  • Scare Birds Away with Holographic Flash Tape

    holographic flash tapeBird control is a general term used for methods to eliminate or deter pest birds from landing, roosting and nesting where they are unwanted.  Birds are unwanted when they interfere where humans inhabit, such as buildings, homes, outdoor eating areas, gardens and other areas birds can be pests.  Pest birds are not only a nuisance but they can create health-related issues through their droppings which may include histoplasmosis, psittacosis and cryptococcosis.  The droppings can also cause harm to structures, equipment and crops such as vineyards and other fruit orchards. Continue reading

  • Visual and Sound Bird Deterrents

    garden stakesThere are quite a few different effective resources to keep birds out and away from your garden, home and business.  One method is using visual bird deterrents.  Visual deterrents are used to scare birds from an area.  They work by using a common scare trigger such as predator features and reflective materials.  When the birds spot the visual deterrent they will leave the area.  This type of product is ideal for a garden area, other places around the home and the outside areas of a business.  It is a very low-cost way to keep the area protected. Continue reading

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