Jersey City Bird Control

Jersey City Bird Control

Solving Pest Bird Problems in Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City has its share of pest bird problems. Most problematic are pigeons and bats. These birds have been increasing in number every year. The good news is, there are humane and effective ways to control where these birds nest and roost.

Bats in Jersey City

Jersey City has a problem with colonies of bats that often take refuge in eaves, canopies, attics, bell towers, garages, and other secluded areas. If not removed, these colonies can grow very large over the years. Bat droppings can be corrosive and cause health risks. It’s important to keep in mind that bats and their habitats are protected by Federal Laws, so only humane methods of deterrence and removal are allowed.

Pigeons Everywhere

Drawn by easy access to food and water, pigeons have invaded Jersey City. They can be found around the city’s health care facilities, colleges/universities, federal, state and local government buildings, and in and around commercial and industrial facilities. They have become used to people, who tend to feed them, which compounds the problem.

The Solution? Effective, Humane Bird Control.


Bat Netting. This heavy-duty netting humanely keeps bats from entering eaves, canopies, attics, bell towers, garages or other secluded areas where bats normally congregate. The netting is made from a UV-protected mesh and is hung/installed as a barrier to block out bats. This netting carries an industry-leading guarantee of 10 years and is available with a complete line of professional grade installation hardware to suit any job. Bird B Gone also offers assistance with design and installation.

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes. Creating an uneven surface that prevents birds from landing on flat or curved surfaces, these spikes are easily glued, screwed or tied down. These anti-perching, anti-roosting bird control devices are ideal for use against pigeons and other large birds. The spiked strips are humane and approved by the US Humane Society and PICAS. They feature a patented “bend-and-crush” design so the spikes remain firmly embedded in an unbreakable UV-protected polycarbonate base. Once installed, the spikes are virtually invisible.

Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic. Got pest birds raining droppings on your rooftop AC units, solar panels, vents, and gutters? This device gets rid of them with ease. Ideal for apartments, commercial buildings, and other wide-open spaces, the Solar Bird Chase Super Sonic broadcasts distress and predator calls for as many as 24 different species of birds. Charge it up in the sun for 8 hours or plug it in for a quick 4-hour charge. Bird Chase beats those ultrasonic devices because it emits sounds birds can actually hear. Being solar powered means the device can easily be placed wherever birds flock—like water towers, antenna arrays, and rooftop AC units. Designed for outdoor use—it’s water resistant and UV protected.

Bird Net 2000™. Ideal for sealing out pest birds from eaves, canopies, attics, bell towers, garages or other semi-enclosed and enclosed areas, this heavy-duty netting is both humane and effective. Bird Net 2000 is the number one specified bird netting by architects, contractors, and government agencies. Waterproof, rot proof and UV-stabilized, the netting has a burst strength of 40 pounds. It’s non-conductive and sub-zero stable with a 132o C melting point. Once installed, the netting creates an impenetrable barrier birds can’t get through. Available in black, stone and white, the netting blends in with its surroundings. The black netting carries an industry leading 10-year guarantee and is supported by a complete line of professional grade installation hardware for fast efficient installation. Custom cut nets are available to save on installation and labor.

Bird B Gone is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. The company provides advice, training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures.

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Jersey City Bird Control