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Bird Deterrent Products

Bird B Gone has a wide variety of effective and humane products to deter pest birds. A physical bird deterrent will make an area inaccessible to birds, keeping them from landing, roosting or nesting, and forcing them to move on to a new location. Ideal for use on flat surfaces in concentrated areas like ledges, parapet walls, windowsills, roof edges and more. 


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  1. 531.25 $ $531.25

    Agrilaser® Lite is a silent and effective bird deterrent developed to scare birds away from wide open spaces.  Developed in cooperation with farmers and scientists, the The Agrilaser® Lite uses green laser technology with a range of 1000 meters.  Unlike other bird deterrents, birds will not get used to the laser beam and will be repelled.

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  2. 149.99 $ $149.99
    SKU: SLRMESH-100

    The solar panel bird deterrent mesh is designed to prevent pest birds from accessing the area beneath solar arrays. Pest birds will nest under the solar array, creating a huge mess, causing damage and costly repairs and clean-up. Protect wiring systems, solar panels and your roof with the solar panel bird deterrent mesh.


    This solar panel mesh will cover a standard 3kW system (2 rows of 6 panels each - 12 panels total installed in a portrait orientation).


    Solar Panel Mesh:

    • 1/2" mesh
    • 8" x 100 foot roll
    • .058" PVC Black Coated

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  3. 34.99 $ Price From: $34.99

    Birds and squirrels can be persistent in making a home inside your house. The Defender keeps them out.

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  4. 255 $ Price From: $255.00

    Bird Slope is a physical bird deterrent used to block birds from landing or nesting on open ledges.  Bird Slope’s unique angled design makes it impossible for birds to land or nest in 90° areas such as ledges or eaves. Bird Slope is effective for small and large birds.

    Each section of slope is 4 feet long and will cover a ledge up to 7” wide. Extenders are available for wider ledges. Bird Slope is manufactured by Bird-B-Gone in the USA.


    Case contains: 48 feet of Bird Slope (12 sections)

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  5. 28.75 $ Price From: $28.75

    Bird Wire is a post and wire system that creates an unstable landing area for large pest birds such as pigeons and seagulls.

    When birds try to land on the wire, the unique spring wire system will create a sensation of instability, causing the birds to move on to a more stable landing area.

    Bird Wire is a low profile bird deterrent system ideal for handrails, ledges, rooftops, parapet walls and other areas large birds are landing. Bird-B-Gone offers a complete line of professional grade bird wire installation components.

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  6. 35 $ Price From: $35.00

    Bird Spiders® are stand alone physical bird deterrents used to scare large birds from concentrated areas.

    The Bird Spiders’ “arms” bounce and sway in the wind, creating a visual distraction zone, birds will not want to come near the area being treated.

    Bird Spiders are manufactured by Bird-B-Gone in the USA and come in 4 different sizes with optional mounted bases for easy installation. 

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  7. 49.99 $ $49.99
    SKU: RPL360

    The Repeller 360° is a spinning visual bird deterrent used to prevent large birds from landing.

    Each unit features reflective “predator eyes” to confuse and scare birds from coming near the protected area. The Repeller 360° uses wind power to rotate continuously and covers a 6’ diameter.

    The Repeller 360° is manufactured by Bird-B-Gone in the USA and is ideal for use on boats, docks, AC units, signs, rooftops and other areas.


    Optional Bases available: Sandbag Base, Boat Base and the Railing Mount.

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  8. 94 $ $94.00

    The Solar Bird Repeller is a solar powered bird deterrent that uses motion to prevent large birds from landing.

    A solar panel powers a 5-foot telescoping “arm” mounted above the unit that spins continuously. Birds will be frightened by the movement and will avoid the area.

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  9. 100 $ Price From: $100.00

    Vinyl Strip Doors are installed to physically block birds from entering open structures.

    Birds will not be able to move past the heavy vinyl strips to gain access to the building. Vinyl strip doors are ideal for loading docks and other open areas.

    Vinyl Strip Doors from Bird B Gone are available in standard sizes or custom cut widths and lengths.

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