Bird Deterrents

Bird Deterrents

Bird deterrents are an important ingredient in every bird control strategy. Deterrents discourage birds from visiting your property and, depending upon the specific product, may completely prevent them from landing or nesting. Bird B Gone carries a wide variety of safe and humane products proven to deter a wide range of birds. All our deterrent products are safe, effective, and humane and are fully compliant with state and federal laws.

Discouraging and preventing roosting and nesting nuisance birds take a variety of forms.

Physical Deterrents

Physical bird deterrents work to control bird populations by making an area inaccessible to birds. These devices prevent birds from landing, roosting, or nesting and force them to move to a new location. Most physical deterrents work best on flat surfaces such as ledges, parapet walls, windowsills, roof edges, and railings. Physical deterrents can be temporary or permanent installations, and most have some, albeit minimal, visual presence. Bird B Gone’s selection of physical deterrents includes the following:

Bird Spider 360

This industry-leading deterrent uses the gentle, wind-powered movement of flexible, no-tangle, stainless steel arms to startle birds and prevent them from landing. It’s the ideal solution for boats, AC units, streetlights, signs, rooftops, docks, skylights, and more. The polycarbonate base can be permanently mounted using construction adhesive and screws or temporarily mounted using a sandbag, railing mount, or even zip ties.

Repeller 360

The Repeller 360 is a spinning visual bird deterrent. It covers areas up to 6 ft. in diameter and uses wind power to spin and features reflective “predator eyes” that confuse and scare birds. The combination of the spinning motion and reflective predator eye humanely and effectively keeps birds away. Repeller 360 is pre-assembled, easy to install, and excellent in a variety of settings. Like the Bird Spider 360, the Repeller 360 can be permanently or temporarily installed.

Bird Slope

Bird Slope is a physical bird deterrent with a unique angled design that makes it impossible for birds to land or nest in narrow places such as ledges, window sills, or eaves. Each section of Bird Slope is 4 feet long and will protect an area up to 5.5 inches wide. The gray and stone colors are visually unobtrusive, and Bird Slope permanently installed using construction grade adhesive will deter birds for years.

Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes are a simple but effective deterrent for birds. The blunt, harmless spikes thwart birds’ efforts to land without harming them in any way. Spikes can be permanently or temporarily installed. They work well in many outdoor applications, including ledges, rooftops, signs, railings, sills, lights, and many others. The base is flexible, allowing the spikes to be installed even on curved surfaces.

Exclusion Devices

Sometimes the best deterrent is an exclusion device, especially in a nesting environment. Products such as netting, vent guards, and vinyl strip doors block birds’ ability to access a given space. Bird B Gone’s selection of exclusion products is unmatched, and our bird control experts will help you determine which solution is right for you.

Sensory Deterrents

Sight, sound, smell, and touch can all be safely and effectively used to deter birds from your property. Many of Bird B Gone’s sensory deterrents, such as Spectrum V, use a combination of deterrents to drive birds away. Mixing and matching products increases your protection; the team at Bird B Gone is your number one resource for developing an effective bird control strategy.

  • Visual deterrents such as Flash Tape, Predator Eye Balloons, Hawk Decoys, and Reflective Eye Diverters are easily spotted by birds and work well to scare them away. These types of deterrents are most effective when changed or moved regularly. These devices are simple to use and can be a first line of defense in any area. They are also effective when combined with other deterrents.
  • Auditory deterrents such as the Bird Chase Super Sonic from Bird B Gone sound prerecorded distress calls designed to communicate danger to birds. Sounds can play at predetermined intervals and times for the greatest effect. Large outdoor areas, loading bays, pools, and rooftops are especially well-suited to this device.
  • Olfactory repellents such as Methyl Anthranilate (MA) found in deterrents like Avian Block and Avian Control, effectively repel most species of birds. The non-toxic scent of MA acts like pepper spray, irritating eyes, noses, and throats. MA has a mild grape smell and is harmless to terrestrial animals and humans. Bird B Gone carries a variety of deterrents containing MA suitable for a wide range of applications, including gardens, barns, golf courses, and many others. You’ll find sprays, foggers, blocks, and pouches, all of which are easy to use and are proven to deter birds.
  • Touch deterrents such as Bird Repellent Gel prevent pigeons and other large birds from roosting and gathering in unwanted areas. Birds don’t like the sticky sensation on their feet or the MA smell, and they will leave and not return. This oil-based, non-toxic repellent gel is great for horizontal surfaces and will not harm or trap the birds. You can apply this gel directly to the surface or use gel-filled Spectrum V holographic disks.

Design a Deterrent Program That’s Right for You

The costs of leaving a bird problem unaddressed far outweigh the costs of investing in proven bird deterrents. The wide variety of bird deterrents offered by Bird B Gone means you can choose products and devices that will protect your property and fit your budget. If you are struggling with a nuisance bird problem, it’s important to know these 3 things:

  • Effective bird control is possible and is within reach.
  • The best bird control solution is the simplest and least expensive option that effectively makes your property unattractive to birds.
  • Good bird control plans typically involve a strategic combination of deterrents to be effective. The bird control experts at Bird B Gone will help you develop a bird control program that’s right for you. Our wide range of deterrents guarantees you’ll find what you need at Bird B Gone.

Bird B Gone is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative bird control products. Our extensive range of bird deterrents is proven to provide effective and humane solutions. With the help of bird control products from Bird B Gone and our professional, expert staff, you can achieve a bird-free environment. For advice, training, and installation services, trust Bird B Gone.

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