Bird Repellents

Bird Repellents

Bird Repellents are made to help repel birds quickly and humanely from your property. Choose from a wide selection of Bird B Gone products to find the perfect bird repellent for your bird problem.

What are Bird Repellents?

The guiding principle behind every safe and humane bird control program is creating an environment that is thoroughly inhospitable and repulsive to birds. If the birds can’t linger comfortably, they will leave. An arsenal of harmless but effective repellents is all you need to protect your residential or commercial property from the damage birds can do. Bird B Gone carries a wide variety of bird repellents so you can find the product or products that are right for your situation. All our repellents are humane, safe, and fully compliant with all state and federal laws.

Successfully repelling birds takes two basic tacks:

  1. Assaulting the bird’s senses with products that make them extremely uncomfortable
  2. Creating barriers that prevent birds from perching, roosting, and nesting

We have a broad selection of outstanding repellents proven to drive away any species of bird from any space.

Repellents Target the Bird's Senses 

Repellents use scary, unpleasant sights, sounds, smells, and touches to repel birds away from your property. Bird B Gone’s sensory repellents can be mixed and matched to create a strategy that drives birds off and keeps them away.

Methyl Anthranilate Repellents

Methyl Anthranilate (MA) is a powerful extract found in the seeds of concord grapes. For birds, the scent of MA acts like pepper spray, irritating their trigeminal nerve and making them miserable. While their eyes, noses, and throats are very unhappy, the MA does no actual harm to birds; it’s completely safe and non-toxic. Bird B Gone carries a variety of different repellents containing MA, including Avian Block and Avian Control. You’ll find an MA repellent for any application; gardens, barns, golf courses, and many other locations can be protected with repellents containing MA. Shop online for sprays, foggers, blocks, and pouches, all of which are simple to use and proven to repel birds.

Visual Repellents

Birds have outstanding eyesight and visual repellents capitalize on this skill. Products such as Flash Tape, Predator Eye Balloons, Red-tailed Hawk Decoys, and Reflective Eye Diverters are quickly spotted by birds, frightening them away from the area. To effectively repel birds using these types of products, it’s necessary to change or move them regularly, but these devices are simple to implement and work well to create a first line of defense in any area. These repellents are also easily combined with other repellents to prevent birds from ever getting comfortable enough to linger long enough to make a mess.

Auditory Repellents

Sound also works well to repel birds. The Bird Chase Super Sonic from Bird B Gone plays prerecorded distress calls that communicate danger to birds. This creates an area that feels unsafe and drives birds away. Sounds play at intervals and times designed to have the greatest impact. The Super Sonic is a powerful tool to repel birds from large outdoor areas, commercial loading bays, pool areas, and rooftops.

Tactical Repellents

Bird B Gone produces an oil-based, non-toxic repellent gel that is ideal for horizontal surfaces. This sticky gel does not harm or trap birds, but it will encourage them to leave. The gel can be applied directly to the surface or Spectrum V holographic disks containing the gel can be easily placed on any horizontal surface. In addition to being sticky, the Spectrum V gel discs also contain a proprietary blend of ingredients that create an unpleasant aroma to birds, which provides an extra layer of repelling power.


Another way to repel birds from your property is to make the area inaccessible. Bird B Gone carries a number of repellent devices that create impenetrable barriers for birds on a variety of surfaces and in a range of environments. When birds find it impossible to land, roost, or nest, they’ll move on. These barriers can be temporary or permanent installations, and your choices include the following:

Bird Spider 360 and Repeller 360

These wind-powered repellent devices use the gentle movement of flexible, stainless steel arms to scare birds and prevent them from landing. They work well on boats, AC units, streetlights, signs, rooftops, docks, skylights, and more. Their polycarbonate bases can be permanently mounted or temporarily mounted via sandbags, railing mounts, or even zip ties. 

Bird Spikes

These blunt, harmless anti-bird spikes work to repel birds by completely thwarting birds’ efforts to land. They are effective in a range of outdoor locations, including ledges, rooftops, signs, railings, sills, lights, and many others. Spikes can be permanently or temporarily installed, making them a highly versatile solution. If birds can’t land, they can’t stay.

Various Exclusion Devices

Sometimes repelling birds is as simple as keeping them out. Products such as vent guards, netting, and vinyl strip doors block access to a given space; if birds can’t get in, they can’t do any damage. Bird B Gone’s lineup of exclusion products is unmatched. Our team of bird control experts will help you determine which solution is right for your space.

Repellents for Any Species and Any Space

Repelling birds involves making your space unattractive and inhospitable for any avian visitors. At Bird B Gone, you’ll find a repellent for any bird and for any space. Our wide variety of bird repellents means you can find products and devices that will protect your property and fit your budget. In addition, our crew knows all there is to know about bird control. We know the techniques, products, and strategies that are proven to help you get control of your bird problem. We also know that the costs of leaving a bird problem unaddressed will always far outweigh the costs of investing in proven bird repellents. If you are struggling with a nuisance bird problem, trust Bird B Gone to help you solve the problem.

Bird B Gone is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of bird control products. Our extensive selection of bird repellents includes products proven to provide effective and humane bird control solutions. Our professional, expert staff, in combination with our exceptional products, will help you create a bird-free environment. For advice, training, and installation services, call Bird B Gone today.

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