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Bird Repellent

Bird B Gone chemical bird repellents keep pest birds away from commercial, industrial, municipal and residential properties.  Effective and easy-to-use, these bird repellents use a bird’s sense of smell, taste and touch to harmlessly repel birds from areas where they often become a problem.


EcoBird 4.0 indoor/outdoor bird repellent

Developed as a non-hazardous bird repellent, EcoBird® 4.0 effectively removes birds from a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments. Made from food-grade materials, EcoBird® 4.0’s active ingredient irritates a bird’s mucous membranes. 


Avian Plus: Economical, Pleasant-Scented Bird Hazing

Ideal for deterring pest birds from enclosed and semi-enclosed areas, Avian Plus chemical units disperse natural scents to deter and haze pest birds. Safe and humane, the chemical is not a pesticide and is safe for birds and humans.

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    EcoBird® 4.0 was developed as a non-hazardous bird repellent, made from food-grade materials, which may be used to effectively remove birds from indoor and outdoor environments.  EcoBird® 4.0 is designed for use with professional fogging equipment that deploys a light fog or haze.  The active ingredient in EcoBird® 4.0 irritates a bird’s mucous membranes.  Birds find the sensation unpleasant and will subsequently avoid the area.  The effect is temporary and will not harm birds.

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  2. Avian Fog Force TR Bird Repellents Sale
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    Avian Fog Force™ TR Bird Repellent is an EPA registered, non-lethal time-release aerosol bird repellent that is effective against all types of nuisance birds and is suitable for use around humans, pets and livestock. Combo Starter Pack includes (2) Avian Fog Force TR Aerosol Cans and Time Release Dispenser. Each aerosol can last up to 30 days and can treat up to 42,000 cubic feet.


    NOT AVAILABLE for sale in Alaska, California, Hawaii. In the State of New York, Avian Fog Force TR is only available for sale to Licensed Pesticide Applicators.  NO AIR SHIPMENTS.  


    **Aerosol can must be used with the Time Release Dispenser to be effective.

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