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Bird B Gone chemical bird repellents keep pest birds away from commercial, industrial, municipal and residential properties.  Effective and easy-to-use, these bird repellents use a bird’s sense of smell, taste and touch to harmlessly repel birds from areas where they often become a problem.


EcoBird 4.0 indoor/outdoor bird repellent

Developed as a non-hazardous bird repellent, EcoBird® 4.0 effectively removes birds from a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments. Made from food-grade materials, EcoBird® 4.0’s active ingredient irritates a bird’s mucous membranes. 


Avian Plus: Economical, Pleasant-Scented Bird Hazing

Ideal for deterring pest birds from enclosed and semi-enclosed areas, Avian Plus chemical units disperse natural scents to deter and haze pest birds. Safe and humane, the chemical is not a pesticide and is safe for birds and humans.

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    Avian Control™ is a non-toxic repellent that discourages geese and other birds from congregating on golf courses, parks, athletic fields, airports, vineyards and other areas where birds are grazing.


    Using a unique patent pending formula, Avian Control irritates the birds’ mucous membranes causing them to avoid the area. Avian Control can either be sprayed or fogged for desired effect.

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    EcoBird® 4.0 was developed as a non-hazardous bird repellent, made from food-grade materials, which may be used to effectively remove birds from indoor and outdoor environments.  EcoBird® 4.0 is designed for use with professional mechanical spraying & fogging equipment that deploys a light fog or haze.  The active ingredient in EcoBird® 4.0 irritates a bird’s mucous membranes.  Birds find the sensation unpleasant and will subsequently avoid the area.  The effect is temporary and will not harm birds.

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