South Carolina Bird Control

Solving Pest Bird Problems in South Carolina

South Carolina Bird Control

The Palmetto State has some major pest bird problems. Increasing populations of resident Canada geese are found throughout South Carolina, with the largest numbers occurring in the Upper Coastal Plain, Piedmont and Foothills. The current population estimate for resident geese exceeds 50,000 birds. Concentrations of Canada geese have caused several problems for property owners. These include overgrazing lawns and depositing feathers and droppings wherever they gather. The geese also create unhealthy conditions when they gather at water treatment facilities and swimming areas. The large birds have even been known to destroy vegetable gardens and commercially grown agricultural crops such as corn, peanuts and soybeans.

South Carolina's Lakes Marion and Moultrie, collectively called Santee Cooper have a cormorant problem. The large birds have been gobbling up big bass to the consternation of anglers. In many areas, the cormorants seem to outnumber the trophy largemouths. Last year, more than 11,653 cormorants (about half the bird population on the two lakes) had to be killed to keep the fish stock viable. Many people don’t like the idea of hunting down these birds and would rather approach the problem in a more humane fashion. 

Here’s what the bird control experts at Bird B Gone recommend for solving South Carolina’s bird control problems:

For Geese

Bird B Gone’s Avian Migrate Goose & Bird Repellent irritates the birds’ mucous membranes causing them to avoid the area. The chemical won’t harm geese, pets or people; yet it repels geese from golf courses, industrial parks, and similar commercial property.

For Cormorants

The Agrilaser® uses advanced, patented optical laser-beam technology to harmlessly repel pest birds over great distances—up to 2,000 meters. The handheld device is silent and portable. Much like an approaching car, birds perceive the green laser beam as a rapidly approaching physical threat, so they flee the area.

Bird B Gone offers the largest network of authorized bird control installers in the Nation. We have installers in every state that have been trained on all aspects of bird control, from bird behavior to which products to use for your particular bird problem. Bird B Gone Authorized Product Installers have successfully completed our rigorous training at Bird B Gone University and are certified to install our professional grade bird deterrents.

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South Carolina Bird Control