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Bird Netting

  • Pond Netting: Protecting People, Birds, Water, and Investments


    pond nettingPond netting protects people, water sources, and migratory birds from some of the potentially harmful effects of development and industry. Governed by the oldest wildlife protection laws in the country, the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, was established in 1919, protects birds from human activities. Here are a few ways pond netting can be used to protect water supplies, people, birds, and pocketbooks.

    Protect Water

    Development changes the land. It may mean more retail establishments, single family homes, and streets. Each of those things are harder than what was likely there before—spongy soil, trees, and plants. Continue reading

  • Bird Netting, the ultimate in bird control products

    bird nettingOne of the most effective, humane ways to keep pest birds out of critical areas in commercial or industrial buildings/structures is through the use of bird netting. Using high quality, heavy-duty bird netting can prevent a variety of costly maintenance and repair problems. Bird droppings can damage vents, lighting, security cameras, AC units and other equipment. The droppings can also corrode building materials and contaminate products, especially boxed and package food. It’s well known that bird can carry any of 60 known diseases. Continue reading

  • Bird Netting excludes birds from your property

    bird nettingIf you have pest birds migrating to your property, you know the problems they can create. One proven solution to exclude pest birds is bird netting. It can keep sparrow, starlings, pigeons and many other birds from roosting in the nooks and crannies of your property. And unlike poisons or BB guns, Bird Netting is a humane, low-profile way of preventing these birds from landing or nesting in specific areas. Continue reading

  • Types of Bird Netting for Vineyards and Wineries

    Types of Bird Netting for Vineyards and Wineries_image1When it comes to getting the right flavor for your wine, you know how important it is to plant your grapes in nutrient-rich soil with plenty of sunshine. As you worry about the growing process and getting the flavorful wine that you want, you don't want to have to worry about another element: birds. A few years back, an owner of a large vineyard found that birds caused him to lose $742 worth of grapes per hectare, which resulted in over $1 million in production. In order to prevent the loss of product, you can use netting from Bird B Gone to prevent birds from getting to the grapes and destroying the flavor of the wine.

    Continue reading
  • Exclude the Pests with Anti-Bird Netting

    bird netting for container gardensBirds are categorized as pests when they decide to nest or roost in spaces where their droppings and other debris is considered a hazard. Countless hours and money is spent each year by homeowners and building owners repairing the damage that the pest birds have caused. It is not just an unsightly dilemma, but the droppings actually are a hazard in themselves. The birds and their droppings can spread over 60 plus transmittable diseases. These diseases, sanitation and safety issues caused by the droppings pose a very serious liability risk. If left alone, the droppings could lead to illnesses, accidents and lawsuits. For a business, the droppings also create an ugly public image. Cleaning up after the pests time and time again gets very old for the maintenance crew and building managers. Clean up one last time and then invest in anti-bird netting to keep the birds out of the area. Continue reading

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