Orange County Bird Control

Orange County Bird Control

Solving Pest Bird Problems in Orange County

Orange County California, best known for their world-renowned theme parks, beaches and shopping centers, attract more than just the average tourist. These attractions bring in their fair share of bird control problems to the Orange County area. Pigeons nest on gas station canopies and under solar panels, Seagulls stake their claim at marinas and destroy boats, and crows threaten neighborhood home owners. If that wasn’t enough, migratory swallows swarm by the thousands in the spring. 

Are Pigeons causing Gas and Solar Prices to Increase?

The answer is most likely a no, but the year round sunny weather gives pest birds no valid reason to leave the beautiful OC area.  Every gas station in Orange County can attest to having pigeons perching or roosting on the premise. Pigeons pooping on a customer’s car is the least of your worries, especially when gas station canopies come crashing down after years of neglected pigeon debris clogging drainage systems.  OC’s suburban residents are well versed on the daily fight to keep pigeons from nesting under their solar panel arrays. These pest birds bring over 60+ known diseases, making them a notable terror of a neighbor.

A Colony of Gulls 

Orange County’s beach front property owners, restaurateurs, and boat owners share a common enemy, seagulls. A colony of gulls will paint your rooftop white, hassle your valued customers, and destroy your boats.  These protected marine birds have grown entirely too comfortable around humans, scavenging on scraps left behind and even grabbing food straight out of your hands. 

A Horde of Crows

Notorious for their keen intelligence, a murder of crows will be sure to cause a nuisance in your neighborhood. These black birds are known to scavenge for food and bully those who get in their way, this means people and pets alike. 

Migrating Swallows Return to Build Mud Nests 

Orange County is famous for their migrating swallow population. These majestic birds arrive in the thousands, returning to the exact location where they nested the previous year. If you’re unlucky enough, the increase in mud nests grows with your frustration levels. Although these birds are protected migratory species, there are preventative measures you can take prior to their spring time return. 

How do you get rid of birds in Orange County? Humane, effective Bird Control.


Bird B Gone Bird Spikes.  Bird spikes are one of the most simple, effective and humane bird control products for perching pigeons and seagull sized birds. Birds have highly developed eye site, allowing pigeons and seagulls to see spikes from noticeable distances to avoid spiked areas. Available in stainless steel and UV protected plastic, bird spikes are ideal for rooftops, signs, ledges, parapet walls and virtually any flat area birds like to sit. Not for nesting birds. 

Bird Spider 360.  The Bird Spider 360 is available in four difference sizes (2’, 4’, 6’ & 8’ Diameters) stopping seagulls, pigeons, and other marine birds. Bird Spider 360s are perfect for boats, floating docks, pilons, light fixtures, AC/HVAC units and more. Made from durable stainless steel and UV protected polycarbonate, the Bird Spider units are designed to withstand harsh marine environments. 

Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit.  The Solar Panel Bird Deterrent Kit includes 50 feet of coated steel mesh and 35 stainless steel clips. Each pre-cut panel of coated steel mesh comes in 8-inch by 5-foot long lengths. The durable coated mesh stops pigeons from nesting underneath solar panels and stops squirrels and other rodents from chewing through electricals. 

Bird Control Netting.  Bird netting is available in 3/4”, 1 1-8”, and 2” mesh sizes depending on the birds you are dealing with. When correctly installed Bird B Gone heavy duty bird netting will exclude pigeons, seagulls, swallows and more from nesting in residential and commercial areas. Netting can be installed on gas station canopies to prevent pigeons and seagulls from nesting. It can also be installed under the eaves of a house to prevent swallows from making mud nests. 

Swallow Shield. The Swallow Shield swallow and bat deterrent easy to install making it one of the DIY communities favorite swallow deterrent. Each pack of Swallow Shield comes with two light weight 3” x 11” clear plastic strips. The self-adhering strips make installation quick and easy. Swallow shield not only stops swallows from building mud nests overhangs, eaves, gabbles and entryways but it also stops bats from hanging in unwanted areas. 

Bird Chase Super Sonic. The Bird Chase Super Sonic is available in a direct charging unit or a solar powered unit. These sound bird deterrents play audible bird distress calls to warn birds flee the area and recorded predator bird calls to scare birds away. The Bird Chase Super Sonic sound deterrent scares away crows, pigeons, woodpeckers, grackles, seagulls, sparrows and more!

Bird B Gone is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to keep birds away in the Orange County area. The company provides advice, training, and technical support for those who need help with these and other bird control measures.

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Orange County Bird Control